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Leadership and Self-Deception book launch

The leadership classic, Leadership and Self-Deception, is back and better than before. This brand-new fourth edition has been updated with fresh insights, examples, and cutting-edge strategies to help you navigate today’s ever-changing workplace landscape. Read on to learn more about the new edition of Leadership and Self-Deception and why you should pre-order a copy. 

Overview of Leadership and Self-Deception

Translated into over 30 languages, Leadership and Self-Deception has sold over 3 million copies, making it one of the top 50 leadership books of all time. This best-selling book, facilitates a transformational, insight-rich experience for readers by introducing Arbinger principles in an authentic, inclusive, and accessible narrative structure. It also offers a glimpse into how an outward mindset can help transform organizations. 

However, as much as readers love this leadership classic, a lot has changed in the world since its original publication in 2000. While each successive edition has added additional resources for readers, we came to believe that a fundamental rewrite was required to make this classic relevant and resonant to readers today. That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of the fourth edition of Leadership and Self-Deception. 

What's new in this edition

To build upon the book’s legacy, the new edition better helps readers by: 

  • Updating the setting to align to the modern workplace.
  • Incorporating a diverse group of characters in a meaningful way. 
  • Refining the presentation and explanation of Arbinger principles.
  • Incorporating practical guides to apply the tools on a personal, team, and organization-wide level.
  • Revamping end materials to be more helpful in utilizing the book, applying principles, and identifying next steps. 

The fresh, modern setting addresses contemporary topics that have not been covered in previous editions. This edition highlights a more expansive array of experiences, representation, and relatability that truly showcase the challenges people are currently facing at home and in the workplace.

Prior editions of the book relied heavily on the metaphor of “the box” as shorthand for the experience of self-deception. The idea of “out of the box thinking” has gradually come to be understood as unrestrained creativity by traditional views. To avoid confusion and more clearly address self-deception, a new subtitle, The Secret to Transforming Relationships & Unleashing Results, reflects the core value the book provides to readers. 

In addition to these changes, we have crafted an entirely new Group Discussion Guide for readers. The guide will help you and other readers immediately apply the ideas in the book and take the next step of discussing what they are learning with others in their organizations. Readers are also invited to join the Arbinger Book Club to find application support with other readers who are trying to apply the ideas in their own lives and organizations. 

What types of challenges does this book help solve?

Like previous editions, the fourth edition of Leadership and Self-Deception addresses workplace issues such as culture, efficiency, effective leadership, and all people-related dysfunction that plague relationships, hindering organizational results. 

Told through an engaging story, this book reveals the ways we blind ourselves to our true motivations and unwittingly sabotage our efforts to achieve success and rebuild broken relationships. The new edition introduces main characters who represent more modern gender roles and a broader array of racial/ethnic diversity that previous editions lacked. Also, this new edition incorporates personal and family dynamics in the key characters’ lives that we think you will find relatable. These changes equip leaders and employees alike to make humanity in their workplace their greatest asset rather than their greatest obstacle.

Get a preview of Leadership and Self-Deception chapters

Thoughtfully divided into three distinct parts, comprising twenty-seven chapters, this new edition explores the complexities of self-deception, thus simplifying the concept in the reader's mind. 

You can get an exclusive look at the new edition by downloading our free sample chapters.

Get a preview of the fourth edition of Leadership and Self-Deception

Beginning with a clear depiction of the character’s individual perspective, Part I: A disease of perception, illustrates the way in which perceptions part from reality, often leading to contention. Followed by an empowering yet humbling lesson on accountability, Part II: Lies that blind us, allows readers to recognize individual flaws while simultaneously leaving space for change and growth. The book concludes with Part III: The vision to lead, teaching readers to work with others, allowing them the space to address their own self-deception and change accordingly.

Pre-order your copy of Leadership and Self-Deception

This refreshing and captivating update will leave you not only motivated but also prepared to handle the difficult people-related issues in your organization. We cannot wait for you to get your hands on the newest edition of Leadership and Self-Deception and transform your workplace!

Be among the first to get a copy of Leadership and Self-Deception, Fourth Edition: The Secret to Transforming Relationships and Unleashing Results.

Click here to learn more and pre-order a paperback or Kindle version. The book will be released on August 27, 2024.

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