Outward Mindset, On-Demand

Outward Mindset Online is now live! Designed with every type of employee in mind, this immersive, fully on-demand program is a radically new way to learn – and sustain – an outward mindset.

By The Arbinger Institute | June 22, 2020

What would it look like if everyone across an organization had first-hand exposure to the ideas, tools, and language of the outward mindset, regardless of schedule conflicts, work hours, and budget? How transformative would it be if teams throughout an entire organization could leverage and deploy their knowledge and skills together?

Our clients identified a need for targeted, practical ways to implement an outward mindset as part of an organization's day-to-day work, and nothing in the market seemed to fill this gap. This issue has been on the top of our mind for years: how can we equip individuals throughout an organization—including front-line employees—with practical tools and a shared language without requiring significant blocks of time offline for live training? How do we create a program that is both effective and realistic to distribute to an entire workforce?

While creating this program, we recognized that one of the most pressing challenges of digital learning is that it lacks the transformational elements of shared social interaction. We realized that the only way an online course would facilitate such a personal connection was if it were created using stories that were authentically told. Over the past nine years, we have traveled around the world to collect real stories of people who have personally grappled with real challenges and have experienced a transformational shift in mindset, compiling them into short, on-demand video modules. Authentic stories have the ability to simultaneously engage our emotions, thoughts, and imagination while producing a connectivity that “talking” about situations can rarely achieve. When we see stories like this, we are able to see ourselves in the narrative in a way that brings us face to face with unanswered questions, unresolved conflicts, and the blind spots and mindset that undermine our personal effectiveness.

Outward Mindset Online is made up of bite-sized on-demand videos arranged into modules that participants can immediately identify with and work through on an individual basis. Unlike an in-person course where a facilitator guides participants through the material, facilitators play a unique role in bringing teams together. With this program, facilitators can leverage the tools that participants have gone through on their own and socialize them, helping people to stay accountable and come together to learn from each other regularly—all in a way that will not detract or take too much time away from the duties shouldered by front-line employees. We have set this program up in a way that takes the best of on-demand learning and in-person training to enable widespread implementation of outward mindset principles.

Outward Mindset Online was created to establish a strong foundation of outward mindset principles among all levels of employees, as well as act as a sustainment tool for people who have already gone through the Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset workshop. Organizations that change mindset find that they no longer have to spend time dealing with behavioral and cultural problems such as lack of engagement, accountability, and siloed teams. Instead, more focus and effort can be given to achieving breakthrough results through more collaboration, better customer service, and increased innovation.