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Outward Performance

Maximum Performance Starts with Engaged and Accountable Employees

Nothing you do will accelerate performance faster than creating a fundamental shift in the mindset of your people.

Changing behavior, culture, and outcomes, starts by changing mindset

Outward Performance addresses the source of organizational dysfunction, interpersonal conflict, organizational silos, and poor morale. By enabling a fundamental mindset shift, the training and tools in this transformational program produce unprecedented levels of collaboration and innovation in your organization.

Stop holding people accountable. Develop accountable people.

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Unlock new levels of collaboration

The key to skyrocketing team synergy is arming each team member with radical self-awareness. Seeing ourselves more clearly enables us to understand our impact on others. 

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Resolve conflict that impacts productivity

Let’s face it—behavior change alone won’t transform tension. Reframe challenging situations to get to the root of conflict, eliminate friction, and enable teammates to see each other as people. 

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Prevent burnout by boosting morale

Empowered employees are happier, more productive, and more adaptable. Energize your employees by giving them the tools required to transform their relationships and take ownership for their success at work.

The proof is in the results

Our clients’ results demonstrate the transformational impact of an outward mindset for any organization, regardless of industry or challenge.


Increase in productivity

65% more products shipped by a large medical supplier during 6 months after implementing Arbinger’s solutions with no increase in staffing.

Increase in sales performance

ROI of the implementation of Arbinger’s solutions to total sales in a multi-country region within a $272 Billion multinational retailer.


Decrease in misconduct

Reduction of misconduct-related incidents during 16 months post-Arbinger implementation in a 6000+ employee organization.

Equip your employees with transformational tools

Our programs and methodology are built on 45 years of research in the psychology of human behavior and motivation—and our approach has succeeded with organizations of all types and sizes. With these tools and frameworks, we empower your teams to navigate conflict, strengthen relationships, and achieve their goals again and again.

Becoming Accountable

  • Reframing My Job Responsibilities
  • Assessing My Impact on Others
  • Holding Myself Accountable

Taking Ownership

  • Recognizing the Challenges I Create
  • Focusing on Results vs Blame
  • Owning My Career Development

Creating Collaboration

  • Developing Clear Expectations
  • Ensuring Ongoing Alignment
  • Improving Communication

Resolving Conflict

  • Transforming Tension
  • Inviting Heightened Self-Awareness
  • Repairing & Rebuilding Relationships

Discover the results that an outward mindset makes possible

Creating an outward culture in a competitive sales environment to accelerate growth

Read a game-changing approach to doing business

Without being aware of it, many of us operate from an inward mindset—a single-minded focus on our own goals and objectives. The Outward Mindset is an international bestseller that illuminates how shifting to an others-focused, outward mindset improves performance, sparks collaboration, and accelerates innovation. Readers of this book not only discover how an outward mindset is the antidote to the inward mindset that kills performance, but also discover a practical roadmap to implementing an outward mindset into the fabric of their own organizations to achieve maximum performance. 

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Shift to an outward mindset with workshops that will transform the way you work with others.

FAQs for team performance

Why do individuals and teams succeed or fail? 

A critical driver for individual and team success is mindset. Behavior-based performance programs (time management, organizational skills, process improvements, for example) overlook the underlying mindsets that cause conflict and productivity issues. In contrast, organizations see significant performance improvements when their transformation efforts are based on mindset change as a foundation for behavioral change.

How does mindset influence team performance?

Performance issues are often rooted in conflict that can harm the organizational culture and morale. Overcoming conflict requires people to reconsider their impact on the people around them. By empowering team members to approach their relationships with a new, outward mindset, conflict is replaced by collaboration, innovation, and improved productivity.

Why work with Arbinger to improve team performance?

As the pioneers of mindset transformation, Arbinger has helped thousands of people and hundreds of organizations shift their mindsets, transform their cultures, and drive changes that led to exceptional results. Teams sectors and industries see Arbinger and an outward mindset as indispensable to operational success.

What results can I expect when investing in a performance management program?

Arbinger helps individuals adopt an outward, impact-focused mindset that invites real accountability for results. By equipping your employees with Arbinger’s performance management program, you’ll be able to make the shift from holding people accountable to developing accountable people. In this way, Arbinger’s performance management approach complements and enhances existing performance management tools and platforms.

What’s included in Arbinger’s Outward Performance program?

Arbinger’s Outward Performance program will be tailored to your organization’s needs with customized training programs that typically include workshops, in-person or virtual live training, coaching and implementation sessions, a suite of practical tools, and an online sustainment program.

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Unleash accelerated performance by investing in your people

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