Outward Performance Certification

Join us for a two-day, intensive certification workshop that uses real-life stories, practical tools, and group interactions to help participants transform their culture to build more collaborative, engaged, and high-performing teams.

Course description

This two-day, discussion-led, certification training will help prepare individuals to facilitate the Outward Performance workshops with teams within their organization to dramatically improve performance by addressing conflicts, silos, and morale issues at the source: mindset. During the course, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and practical tools to experience a shift in mindset from an inward focus to a more situationally aware outward focus. This knowledge will provide participants with the foundation of accountability, collaboration, and communication that improves performance and offers a sense of empowerment.  Participants will walk away from this training certified to lead discussions in their team’s subsequent Outward Performance training sessions. 

This workshop is designed for those looking to facilitate Outward Performance within their organizations and is not appropriate for individual coaches or consultants. 

What people are saying

Outward Performance
I would recommend Outward Performance to anyone serious about wanting to better understand their impact and looking for ways to improve their accountability to their team, customers, colleagues, and their manager. It provided concrete examples on how to determine, and more importantly increase, my accountability for the impact I have on others and the way I perform my job.
Chantel Hardaway
Administrative Officer / Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Outward Performance
Immediately there was an increase in quality as a result of the Arbinger process—less division, protectionism, and fewer boundaries between people. Arbinger helped us empower every employee.
Carla Debow
Marketing VP, CenturyLink
Outward Performance
Outward Performance initiated a paradigm shift in the way I view others and myself. This shift brought greater clarity of purpose to the manner in which I am called to lead and be a teammate to others at work and at home. Relationships have been enriched and goals have been achieved thanks to the change catalyzed by Outward Performance.
Ben Woodard
Partner / Shaw Learning Academy
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Outward Performance Certification

VirtualJuly 15-16, 2024 $1995 / participant

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Virtual July 15-16, 2024 $1995 / participant
Salt Lake City July 29-30, 2024 $1995 / participant
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