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Outward Leadership

Develop Leaders Others Love to Follow

Arbinger’s leadership training programs equip leaders at all levels with the tools to drive lasting change.

We turn the fundamentals of leadership inside-out

A leader’s mindset drives what they do, why they do it, and the impact they have on the people they work with. When leadership training programs don’t start with a leader’s mindset, it doesn’t address how leaders interpret problems and tackle opportunities within an organization. Arbinger uniquely helps leaders reconsider how they work with people and equips them with tools to shift from the self-focus of an inward mindset to the people-centric, results-focus of an outward mindset. Without fail, leaders who leverage an outward mindset bring out the best in others and build highly-engaged and productive teams.

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The Arbinger approach to leadership development

Outward Leadership equips leaders with the mindset and skillset required to lead people-centric, results-focused teams and organizations. This partnership empowers organizational leadership to tackle even the most daunting challenges with a combination of training, workshops, and individualized coaching.

Outward Leadership includes

  • An immersive initial training program that teaches leaders how to develop and implement an outward mindset in their professional and personal lives
  • Subsequent monthly sessions that introduce leaders to practical tools for implementing what they’ve learned in everyday interactions with peers and employees
  • Quarterly discussions that focus on organizational challenges and measure progress toward success
  • Individualized coaching to help leaders address and overcome the challenges that hold them back

Arbinger leadership development solutions change mindsets to improve organizational results

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Develop emotionally aware and effective leaders

People leave leaders, not organizations. Equip your leaders to achieve new levels of emotional and situational awareness to reduce the people friction that impedes results.

leadership training programs

Enhance productivity and boost performance

It’s time to shift from holding people accountable to developing accountable people. Equip leaders with tools to create a culture of accountability that drives significant and sustained growth. 

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Improve employee retention and engagement

High turnover will cost you. Help leaders increase retention and morale through the application of conflict resolution, relationship building, and communication tools.

This is how our customers measure success

Changing mindsets changes outcomes, and people-centric organizations that are equipped with Arbinger’s tools consistently achieve measurable growth.


Increased trust in leaders

Perception and confidence that leaders see and respond to employee needs measured post-implementation in a major metropolitan hospital.

Increase in sales volume

Top-line results in a steel supplier 3 years post implementation during a period when the market for steel products shrunk by 40%.

Increase in upward mobility

Increase in confidence of the candidates for advancement within the company measured across 3000+ employees trained in a nationwide retailer.

Discover our people-centric leadership tools

Our leadership training approach and solutions are based on 45 years of research in the psychology of human behavior and motivation—and experience working with organizations of all types and sizes. With over 38 tools, we help your leaders create an organizational culture that energizes people and relationships.

Developing Accountable People

  • Clarify Roles & Responsibilities
  • Create Clear Expectations
  • Coach & Develop Employees

Fostering a Collaborative Culture

  • Map Employee Roles to Impact
  • Ensure Team Alignment
  • Enhance Employee  Relationships 

Reducing Friction & Creating Trust

  • Diagnose & Resolve Conflict
  • Focus on Facts & Stay Objective
  • Correct Performance Problems

Providing Strategic Leadership

  • Design Impact-Focused Objectives
  • Tackle Complex Problems
  • Unlock Creativity and Innovation

Find out what happens when leaders turn outward

Leveraging development and accountability tools to enable leadership excellence

Empowering employees to hold themselves accountable to create a culture of high performance

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With over 2.5 million copies sold worldwide, Arbinger’s bestselling book, Leadership and Self-Deception, offers powerful insights on how leaders can transform results by eliminating the blame that too often infects organizations. Readers will discover how to consistently tap into and act on their innate sense of what’s right, dramatically improving all their relationships.

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Explore our upcoming Outward Leadership public workshops

Shift to an outward mindset with workshops that will drive real and sustained leadership transformation.

FAQs for leadership development

Why does a leader’s mindset matter?
Leaders don’t just set the tone for an organization; they make the strategic decisions that are instrumental to organizational success or failure. Leaders with the mindset to see endless possibilities in their employees and partners are more likely to foster a culture of innovation and success.
Why do transformation efforts fail?
Leaders often turn to behavior-based transformation programs to overcome the conflicts that hold organizations back. But these efforts fail because they focus on the symptoms of conflict—behaviors—rather than the root: mindset. In fact, organizations are 4x more likely to succeed in their transformation efforts when they address mindset to drive behavioral change (McKinsey & Company).
What’s included in Arbinger’s leadership development solution?
Outward Leadership, Arbinger’s leadership development solution, includes workshops (in-person or virtual training), one-on-one and group coaching, group implementation sessions, and a suite of online tools and sustainment resources. Arbinger works with you to develop a leadership development plan tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.
What results can I expect if I train my leaders at the Arbinger Institute?
By investing in your leaders and equipping them with Arbinger’s leadership tools, they will be empowered to develop accountable employees, resolve internal challenges, and achieve breakthrough team performance and results.

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