Outward Leadership for Individuals

Outward Leadership for Individuals empowers leaders to overcome executive-level challenges using an outward mindset, helping them better recognize and address the needs, objectives, and challenges of those around them.

Course description

This course equips leaders with the mindset and skillset required to lead people-centric, results-focused teams and organizations. It includes a two-day intensive training course on developing and implementing an outward mindset, and one day of intensive training on implementing an outward mindset across the organization, including the use of 38 tools to help drive this effort.  Leaving the workshop, leaders will have the knowledge and tools to develop accountable people, foster a collaborative culture, reduce conflict while creating trust, and improve their own strategic leadership skills. 

Outward Leadership for Individuals public workshop is best suited for leaders within organizations that have already implemented Outward Leadership across their leadership teams, small leadership teams that will be using Outward Leadership for Individuals along with Outward Performance for their organizations, or leaders who want to take a personal journey to improve their own leadership skills. 

What people are saying

Outward Leadership
The Outward Leadership workshop builds a knowledge and understanding of the self and the deep questions about mindset when it comes to our daily interactions. Seeing people as people has helped level set discussions and personal presence to be more impactful and rewarding for me and my team.
Reema Darras
Project Management Specialist, Global Public Sector / Cisco
Outward Leadership
Outward Leadership provides the perspective and nudge for leaders to be vulnerable and focus on building relationships. Building relationships and trust is building leadership.
Elissa Richards
CEO / National Energy Foundation
Outward Leadership
Arbinger leadership training has been a great way to rethink the teamwork performance tools I already have under my belt. A way to apply them specifically as a leader. Using tools like reporting down and turning objectives outward really gave me hands-on tools to maintain a healthy company culture and team.
Anonymous Participant
National Energy Foundation
Outward Leadership
Outward leadership helped me see how to apply Arbinger to a management setting. I appreciate the practical tools it offers and know it will help me be a better leader.
Alison Pinnock
Program Director / National Energy Foundation
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Outward Leadership

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