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Our Approach to Organizational Transformation

Because individual change precedes organizational change, Arbinger helps facilitate a shift in mindset at the personal level and provides the tools to leverage this change and dramatically improve organization-wide results.

Why mindset matters

The root cause of most organizational problems is that people naturally focus inward, prioritizing their own needs, challenges, and objectives without an awareness of the impact on others. Organizations can only resolve internal problems and achieve breakthrough results by maximizing the extent to which their employees work with an outward mindset—when they consider the impact of their actions on others and focus on organizational success.

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What’s the difference between an inward and outward mindset?

Inward mindset

Inward mindset

People with inward mindsets are highly focused on their personal goals, with a low concern for the needs of co-workers or others around them. This is a natural state for most people.

  • Tunnel vision
  • Silos
  • Blame
  • Stagnation
  • Low morale

Outward mindset

Outward mindset

People who have an outward mindset recognize the needs of those around them and work to achieve their objectives in a way that enables the success of the greater group. Individuals and teams can learn to operate consistently with an outward mindset with intentional focus and training. Organizations where people consistently work with an outward mindset are characterized by:

  • Awareness
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Engagement

The journey to an outward mindset

Organizational change doesn’t happen overnight. Arbinger enables organizations and their people to turn outward through a three-step process: mindset change, leader development, and systems improvement. A partnership with Arbinger begins with assessing your organization’s needs and challenges, in-person or virtual workshop sessions, the implementation of a sustainment program, and ongoing coaching and consulting to ensure your team is getting the most out of your investment.

arbinger approach first step1
Organizational Assessment
arbinger approach second step2
Interactive Team Workshops
arbinger approach third step3
Implementation and Sustainment
arbinger approach fourth step4
Ongoing Coaching and Consulting

Proven performance, positive impact

Clients across corporate, non-profit government, and state and local businesses trust Arbinger to help maximize performance and drive lasting results. Arbinger’s transformation process enable participants to fundamentally shift their mindsets and become equipped with the practical tools that sustain a dramatic change in behavior and results.

Increase in work satisfaction

Perception and confidence that leaders see and respond to employee needs measured after implementation in a major metropolitan hospital


Fewer liability claims

Fewer claims than the industry average within a 60+ facility healthcare company after implementation of Outward Performance

Industry-leading impact

The effectiveness of Arbinger’s training programs in generating performance improvement as compared to 200,000 other learning providers

How We Can Help

Unlock your organization’s potential

Leadership development

Equip leaders with the self-awareness and practical tools needed to transform organizational culture and drive team performance.

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Engagement & retention

Uncover the drivers of quiet quitting, disengagement and turnover and get equipped with practical tools to create a culture where people see their value and want to stay.

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Performance management

Dramatically improve performance by developing empowered employees who hold themselves accountable for their impact on others and the organization. 

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Diversity, equity & inclusion

Identify and transform the mindset at the core of bias to create a culture of inclusion, belonging, and psychological safety that unlocks potential.

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