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Outward Inclusion

Unlock Potential With a Culture of Inclusion

Implement a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) program that actually works. Create a culture that fosters safe, honest, and self-reflective dialogues to increase collaboration and organizational success.

A DEI program that improves culture and influences your people

We are all worthy of being seen as people who matter, yet we often see people as obstacles or problems. Your culture won’t change unless you focus on changing the dehumanizing beliefs and behaviors that are holding your people back. By applying Arbinger’s principles to diversity, equity and inclusion, we help you create an organizational culture with unmatched engagement, retention, and performance.

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The Arbinger approach to inclusion and belonging

Building on our deep experience helping clients overcome their biggest DEI challenges, Outward Inclusion empowers you to address the mindset and behaviors that impede the inclusive culture needed for your organization to thrive.

Outward Inclusion guides participants through a process of self-discovery to uncover unconscious bias and become equipt with practical tools that promote belonging empowers individuals to shift their personal perspectives, helping organizations elevate employee experiences, build greater diversity, and create an inclusive workplace that celebrates diversity and fosters belonging.

Outward Inclusion includes

  • A one-day, immersive workshop using video-driven, real-life testimonials
  • Group discussions led by Arbinger-certified facilitators
  • A series of practical tools to help participants uncover unhelpful biases and promote a culture of inclusion and belonging.

Create a culture where everyone thrives

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Foster psychological safety

Feeling safe to share thoughts, ideas, and concerns is critical to an inclusive environment. Equip your team with tools and strategies to foster a culture where all voices are heard.

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Transform team dynamics

You can address behaviors alone if you want to settle for tolerance. But creating real belonging requires a fundamental shift in mindset. Reframe perspectives by enabling employees to examine their impact on others.

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Create a culture of belonging

A sense of belonging changes how teammates view themselves and those around them. Empower teammates to evaluate unhelpful biases and correct practices that erode equity and inclusion.

Organizations that put culture first experience better results

Arbinger shows people how examining the unconscious biases that exist in all of us opens the door to psychologically safe cultures where employees are more fully engaged and productive.

Psychological safety gains

Reported improvement across the entire staff of a large U.S. hospital measured post-implementation of Arbinger’s solutions.


Reduction in EO complaints

Impact measured 12 months post organization-wide implementation of training and coaching solutions within a large U.S. hospital.

Increased recognition

Reported by employees under 6,500 supervisors trained using Arbinger’s solutions at a large telecom provider

Diversity, equity, & inclusion tools

Our programs and methodology are built on 45 years of research in the psychology of human behavior and motivation—and our approach has succeeded with organizations of all types and sizes. Arbinger’s DEI tools guide participants through a process of self-discovery that uncovers unhelpful biases and promotes a culture of inclusion and belonging.

outward inclusion to shift personal perspectives

Shift Personal Perspectives

  • Elevating Individual Awareness
  • Identifying & Addressing Unrecognized Bias
  • Reframing Mistaken Assumptions

Elevate Employee Experiences

  • Developing Empathy through Understanding
  • Creating a Psychologically Safe Environment
  • Enriching Teams & Recognizing Contributions
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Foster Greater Diversity

  • Expanding Opportunity in Hiring & Promotion
  • Leveraging Diverse Perspectives & Experiences
  • Reframing Disabilities & Disadvantages
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Create Systemic Change

  • Establishing Upward-Mobility Paths
  • Standardizing Objective Performance Feedback
  • Assessing & Addressing Equity Organization-Wide

Discover the results that are possible when your people think differently

Discovering our own bias in the guilt-free space created by the Outward Inclusion workshop

Leveraging an outward approach to foster inclusion & belonging within an auto multinational

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The Anatomy of Peace shows how to address the fundamental conflict at the root of the diversity, equity, and inclusion challenges that plague our communities and organizations. Readers discover how to find their way out of the personal, professional, and social conflicts that weigh us down.

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Explore our upcoming Outward Inclusion public workshops

Shift to an outward mindset with workshops that help create a culture of real belonging and inclusion.

FAQs for diversity, equity & inclusion

How do I build a sustainable DEI program at my organization?
Diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces earn more trust and commitment from team members, and that all stems from seeing people as people rather than stereotypes or obstacles. Creating a sustainable DEI program requires that you analyze and correct unhelpful biases at their source—mindset—rather than simply addressing behaviors.
What should be the goal of a DEI program?
Having a DEI program in place is about more than just running workshops and implementing policies; it’s about changing mindsets to instill lasting change across both individuals and the organization as a whole. Instead of casting blame and remediating behaviors, an effective DEI program motivates and empowers participants to create a sustainable environment where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and supported.
Why work with Arbinger for to transform your DEI program?
As the pioneers of mindset transformation, Arbinger has helped thousands of people and hundreds of organizations shift their mindsets, transform their cultures, and drive changes that led to exceptional results. Leaders across sectors and industries see Arbinger and an outward mindset as indispensable to creating a safe, secure, and enjoyable place to work that encourages collaboration and respect.
How will working with the Arbinger Institute empower us to improve our company culture?
To see lasting change, your employees must change their mindset. Arbinger equips you with the tools to shift mindset in your organization. By changing the underlying mindset of your employees rather than addressing every behavior, you’ll tackle the source of the implicit bias that manifests itself in destructive ways throughout your organization. Most important, you’ll invite people in rather than calling them out, encourage change rather than demand it, create an openness to diverse perspectives, and ultimately foster the trust and belonging required for your organization to thrive.
What’s included in Arbinger’s DEI program?
This encompassing program typically includes a one-day workshop powered by industry-leading and powerfully authentic video-based content (in person or virtual live training), assessments, workplace tools and templates, implementation coaching, and an online sustainment program. We will work with you to tailor these program elements to meet your organization’s specific needs and goals.

Additional Arbinger solutions

Develop a culture of inclusivity where everyone’s contributions matter

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