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Unleashing Performance:

How Adaptable Cultures Drive Sustainable Results

Struggling with productivity, missed targets, or team conflict? Your organization’s culture might be the missing piece.

Insights from 400+ professionals on how organizational culture drives results

Leadership development
Team performance
Inclusion and belonging

Uncover the hidden force impacting performance

100% of challenges reported were people and culture problems, yet only 27% agree that their company’s culture impacts their ability to meet or exceed goals.


How investing in culture impacts employees

Only 29% of professionals surveyed say that their company places a high priority on developing leaders. This group, however, is more than 4x more satisfied with their company’s culture than all others.

Understand what makes up your organization’s culture—and how to transform it

Sustainable culture transformation requires a shift in the mindset of leaders and employees.

Is your organizational culture getting in the way of your goals?

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Only 30% of professionals surveyed say their organization prioritizes fostering an inclusive and collaborative work environment.

77% of professionals say they’ve experienced burnout due to work.

Only 15% say that their leaders coach or mentor them through change.

Getting to the heart of communication and collaboration

Only 28% say that their company prioritizes the development of engaged and accountable employees. And while only 21% rate communication/collaboration at their organization as excellent, the professionals working for organizations that do prioritize engagement and accountability are nearly 5x more likely to rate communications and collaboration as excellent than all others.

Find out how to foster a culture that fuels success

There’s more to achieving goals than just hard work. Unlock peak performance by investing in your organization’s culture.

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