Outward Inclusion

Outward Inclusion

Outward Inclusion empowers you to address the mindset and behaviors that impede the inclusive culture needed for your organization to thrive. Experience this one-day workshop full of real-life testimonials, transformational conversations, and downloadable tools that will change the way you see and work with those around you.

Course description

This one-day intensive workshop is delivered in two sessions. In session one participants go through a process of self-discovery to uncover unconscious bias and are equipped with practical tools to drive equity and inclusion within their teams and across their organizations. This workshop is best suited for individuals within organizations that have implemented Outward Inclusion, small teams looking to promote a culture of inclusion and belonging, or individuals who are looking to discover their own path to inclusiveness. 

What people are saying

Outward Inclusion
Arbinger’s Outward Inclusion has done so much to support the culture we are aiming for. Our global teams have been overwhelmingly impressed with the initial workshop experience and the impact on their teams.
Judy Lawton
Senior HR Business Partner and Benefits Manager / Packsize
Outward Inclusion
The premise of DEIA really should be about mindset. One of my favorite courses is Arbinger’s Outward Inclusion because it is an experience that looks at how people interact and is something people can wrap their hands around immediately.
Shani Wilkins
Chief Diversity Officer / US Federal Government
Outward Inclusion
I trust the Outward Inclusion content to help our employees, who are all around the world, to dive deeper into seeing the humanity of people. To understand what it means to not only be included but to belong.
Seamus Fitzgerald
Senior Manager of Leadership Development / doTERRA LLC
Outward Inclusion
Outward Inclusion resonated with our staff of 75. Several employees approached me after the workshop to express their sincere appreciation for the quality, accessibility, and engaging nature of the content. Personally, I am very impressed by Arbinger’s ability to create and maintain the conditions needed for psychological safety to prevail when otherwise difficult and sensitive topics are discussed.
Zachary Levine
Director of People and Sustainability / The Synergy Company
Outward Inclusion
Having done a wide variety of diversity, equity and inclusion work in higher education for over 18 years, I can honestly say this is the most effective program I have found for “calling people in” to the conversation of inclusion and belonging. Instead of people getting defensive and entrenched as we go on the journey of inclusion, I see people becoming vulnerable and curious with each other as fellow human beings.
Haley Green
Senior Human Resources Advisor / Yavapai College
Outward Inclusion
Outward Inclusion is a profound and transformative training. Prior to attending this course, I felt fairly confident that I carried out my work with a mindset that was inclusive in nature. I was mistaken. Outward Inclusion challenged me to dig deep, uncovering hidden opinions and pre-defined scripts which guided my mindset and limited my opinion of others
Carolyn Morrow
/ Recruiting and Development Manager / GVEC
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