Organizational culture assessment: What is my impact on culture as a leader? [Quiz]

The Arbinger Institute
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Organizational culture is the invisible force that touches every facet of an organization, shaping everything from team performance to employee morale. It’s the collective personality of a company, the unwritten rules that guide interactions, and the shared beliefs that influence decision-making. In essence, it’s the heartbeat of an organization, driving its success or failure. Understanding and actively cultivating this culture is crucial for organizations striving to thrive in today’s world of work.

A strong organizational culture acts as a compass, providing a sense of direction and purpose to employees. It defines what’s acceptable, what isn’t, and sets the tone for how individuals should collaborate, communicate, and innovate. It transcends policies and procedures, making it the backbone of an organization’s identity.

However, to harness the power of organizational culture, organizations must first understand where they stand on their cultural journey. This not only aligns leadership development and other efforts with overarching organizational goals, but helps leadership identify areas of improvement when it comes to organizational culture. 

We created this organizational culture assessment to help leaders gauge where their organizational cultures are missing the mark. Consider it a pulse check for assessing your impact, as a leader, on organizational culture change.

Ready to get started? Take the short assessment below.

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