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A Change in Mindset Changes Outcomes

We help leaders create the high-performance culture that drives exceptional organizational results.

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Cultivate a culture where your people thrive.

In-person or virtual workshops and training led by Arbinger facilitators or licensed client employees. Teams meet to develop the mindsets and skills to successfully operate and innovate. Our trainings help hone individual effectiveness as a means to driving business growth.


Outward Leadership

Empower leaders to shift from holding people accountable to developing accountable people.

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Outward Performance

Build a more productive and engaged workforce with personalized training that motivates and empowers people.

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Outward Inclusion

Create a culture of real inclusion where people from all backgrounds belong and where diversity fuels your organization’s success.

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Results are the ripple effect of mindset

Behavioral issues that ripple throughout your organization will never be resolved unless you address the mindset that underlies them. The key to achieving long-lasting results is rooted in your organization’s collective mindset.

You can’t change behavior without first changing mindset

Executives at companies that took the time to address mindset challenges were four times more likely to succeed than those that didn’t.

“Dr Cobus Pienaar, the Managing Director of The Arbinger Institute in South Africa, extends a warm welcome, bringing a distinguished background in organizational psychology, a Ph.D., and registration as an organizational psychologist. Dr Pienaar is a transformative leader in organizational development with 27 years of professional experience, including 17 years dedicated to The Arbinger Institute. The committed team at The Arbinger Institute in South Africa is enthusiastic about partnering with you to develop influential leaders capable of fostering inclusive work cultures. Our solutions focus on being the catalysts for positive transformations in your lives, teams, and organizations, ultimately benefiting your bottom line.”

Dr. Cobus Pienaar | Managing Director | Arbinger Institute