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 Despite best intentions, 70% of organizational change efforts fail. While most organizations care about creating a work environment where employees and leaders can thrive, creating such an environment often feels like an elusive goal. Instead of experiencing humanity in the workplace, many employees feel isolated and disconnected—a trend negatively impacting the bottom line. Evidence is abundant: disruptive trends such as the great resignation and quiet quitting affect attrition, innovation, collaboration, and overall productivity. In fact, quiet quitting alone costs US organizations $500 billion annually (The Conference Board). 

If leaders are responsible for shaping organizational culture, why don’t leadership development programs address work culture issues more effectively? The problem is that most of them focus on behaviors rather than the root cause: mindset. Behavior-focused programs lack the understanding that our mindset can cripple the effectiveness of even the most promising behaviors. Behaviors are important, but unless you understand that mindset motivates them, it’s difficult to change behavior in a sustainable way.  

The reason why mindset is so important is that it has a ripple effect throughout an organization—the way employees see each other, their work, and the organization can create an undercurrent of conflict that permeates daily processes, increases enmity among individuals or departments, and makes it difficult for organizations to operate effectively. Leaders who recognize the importance of having the right mindset—and know how to invite and sustain it in others—create a work environment that drives innovation, collaboration, increased productivity, and better results.  

Introducing Arbinger’s new solutions to help you achieve transformative change

We’ve helped thousands of organizations—and millions of people—improve results by addressing the mindset challenges that hold them back.  Many of these individuals and organizations have graciously shared their experiences and successes with us, which we have used to build three powerful solutions that help leaders and their organizations change mindset and experience the level of results that are only possible by taking this approach. 

Outward Leadership

Outward Leadership is our solution designed to help you develop your leaders. It is a strategic partnership between Arbinger and your leadership teams which equips your leaders with both the mindset and skillset required to lead people-centric, results-focused teams and organizations. Outward Leadership empowers you to:  

  • Create emotionally & situationally aware leaders  
  • Build engaged and productive teams  
  • Develop accountable people  
  • Boost productivity and performance  
  • Increase retention  
  • Achieve results and drive growth 
Outward leadership course preview

Outward Leadership includes: 

A two-day intensive kickoff workshop with leadership cohorts during which key concepts are taught through discussions led by an Arbinger-certified facilitator. This experience is punctuated by videos, individual and group exercises, one-on-one sharing, and application of the tools to the leaders specific challenges. 

Monthly Implementation Sessions equip your leaders with tools that enable them to create an organizational culture that energizes people and improves relationships. The tools include useful and practical approaches to:  

  • Developing accountable people  
  • Fostering a collaborative culture  
  • Reducing conflict and creating trust  
  • Improving strategic leadership skills  
  • Quarterly strategic leadership sessions help leaders track their progress and address organization-specific needs  
  • Individualized coaching sessions with key organizational leaders focus on the individualized challenges and needs of key leaders in the cohort. These sessions equip these leaders to tackle the issues that are impeding success to help them lead in a way that ensures optimal organizational results. 

All elements of Outward Leadership can be delivered on-site or in live, virtual sessions.  

Outward Performance

Outward Performance enables you to shift the mindset and behaviors at your organization’s front line. This unique training equips all team members with the ability to contribute to a culture of high performance by enhancing accountability, reducing conflict, and accelerating collaboration at all organizational levels. With Outward Performance you will: 

  • Heighten employee empowerment  
  • Enable personal accountability   
  • Elevate self-awareness & resolve conflict  
  • Improve productivity and engagement  
  • Prevent burnout & boost morale  
  • Improve individual & team performance 
Outward Performance preview

Outward Performance includes: 

A 10-module video course that shifts both mindset and behavior. An Arbinger facilitator or client-certified facilitator guides participants through these modules and the associated individual and group exercises and practice sessions using the tools. 

Practical Arbinger tools enabling individuals and teams to bring humanity to the workplace by shifting their mindset and approach in their daily activities and interactions.  

All Outward Performance sessions can be delivered on-site or in live, virtual sessions paced at a frequency that fits your scheduling needs. 

Outward Inclusion

Outward Inclusion empowers organizations to invite the mindset and behaviors that cultivate the inclusive culture required for individual and organizational thriving. Using this unique solution, you will: 

  • Foster psychological safety   
  • Transform team dynamics  
  • Deepen relationships  
  • Improve communication  
  • Reduce unhealthy bias  
  • Leverage & promote diversity  
Outward inclusion preview

Outward Inclusion includes:  

A one-day intensive workshop during which participants are guided through a process of self-discovery to help them uncover bias and become equipped with practical tools to create an inclusive workplace that celebrates diversity and fosters belonging. This experience is punctuated by videos that share authentic, real-life experiences rather than scripted role-playing, individual and group exercises, one-on-one sharing, and application of the tools to your specific leadership challenges. 

Outward Inclusion can be delivered on-site or in a live, virtual session. 

Arbinger results

These three solutions enable you to bring humanity to your workplace, driving better results. When our clients are equipped to change mindset rather than behaviors alone, they transform workplace culture and become more collaborative, innovative, and productive. By using proven training and coaching to shift mindset, our clients have seen as much as threefold increases in sales volumes, 65% increases in employee productivity, and fourfold increases in sales productivity.    

These results come as we build a strategic partnership with you, provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs, and work closely with your organization to tackle the barriers to achieving lasting results. We look forward to helping you leverage these solutions to address your organizational needs across a spectrum of applications.  

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