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Sector Challenges We Solve

Like other organizations, government agencies operate in an increasingly fast-paced, complex, and interconnected world. On top of this, they must also deliver on their missions while operating under additional constraints and limitations. In particular, governmental organizations can only thrive by successfully navigating three major challenges:

Doing More with Less

Budgetary restrictions have become a fact of life in recent years, even as mission scope expands for many governmental organizations.


Dealing with Ambiguity

An uncertain fiscal climate and changing senior leadership mean governmental employees at all levels must find ways to operate effectively in an environment of uncertainty and shifting priorities.


Operating Under Intense Scrutiny

With increasing public awareness and attention fostered by the ease of information flow in today’s world, governmental agencies must create cultures of trust while operating with unprecedented transparency.


These challenges lead to symptoms such as employee burnout, high turnover, poor team cohesion, lack of cross-functional collaboration, and low scores on employee surveys such as the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) and Command Climate Surveys.

In this context, developing a trust-based, cohesive, adaptive, and collaborative culture will allow governmental agencies to not just survive, but thrive.

Arbinger Solutions

Arbinger’s solutions are designed to enable agencies to build a culture that will help them thrive. We have a wide range of experience working with local, state, federal, and international government agencies, providing specialized expertise and a focus on long-lasting results. As an indication of our quality of service, our U.S. federal government practice has received maximum performance scores each time we have been rated.

We deliver transformation to governmental organizations through the following programs and services:

  • Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset™
  • Outward Leadership
  • Implementation Tools
  • Executive Coaching
  • Systems and Process Consulting
  • Outward Mindset Strategic Planning and Execution™
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U.S. Federal Government Resources

For U.S. federal government agencies, most of our products and services can be found on the GSA eLibrary. We are eligible for a small business set-aside. To learn more, please use the buttons below or search using our contract number: GS-10F-099AA.

We are currently working under the following contracts. To inquire about procurement via one of these vehicles, please contact us.

  • Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) (GS-10F-099AA)
    Special Item Numbers (SIN) awarded:
    • 541611: Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
    • 611430: Professional and Management Development Training
    • Ancillary: Ancillary Supplies and Services
    • OLM: Order Level Materials (OLMs)
  • Army Medicine Self-Awareness Training, Executive Coaching and Supplies (SATECS)
  • Sole Source (Directed Award) of HCaTS Orders for Arbinger on HCaTS Small Business Contracts (Up to $4M)
  • One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) Contract. (Note: Arbinger has partnered with MSAG on OASIS.)

Results and Outcomes

High-reliability organizations

Greater scores on the employee viewpoint surveys

Higher rankings on the Partnership for Public Services “Best Places to Work in Government” list

Enhanced employee cooperation and collaboration

Stronger employee investment in their work

Improved leadership, as evidenced by more empowered, focused, and supportive employees

A Few of Our U.S. Federal Government Clients

Central Intelligence Agency

Customs and Border Protection

Defense Intelligence Agency

Department of Agriculture

Department of Justice

Department of the Treasury

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Communications Commission

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

National Security Agency

Office of Personnel Management

Special Operations Command

United States Air Force

United States Army

United States Army Medical Department

United States Navy

United States Secret Service

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