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If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that in the world of work, change is the new constant. We’ve seen trends emerge like the great resignation and quiet quitting—which indicate a major shift. People want a more human work experience, while still having a high-performance culture. We have moved from an employer-centric to a people-centric workforce.

When organizations focus on the wellbeing of their employees and transforms their culture, there are measurable increases in revenue and market returns, lower turnover, and ultimately, a more engaged and productive workforce. 

While there’s no silver bullet solution that can overhaul your organization’s culture overnight, working with Arbinger has proved to be the surefire solution our clients have been searching for. (We’ve helped transform over 2000 organizations to date!) 

Let’s look at how Arbinger can help you create a high-performance culture, one step at a time. 

The power of an outward mindset

Mindset is the mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations. It is the lens through which we see our work, our relationships, and our world. It’s the foundation of all that we do and shapes how we do it. When organizations shift from an inward to an outward mindset, lasting change takes place. 

Take a look at some of these results from our clients:

  • 270% increase in top-line revenue of a government contractor (who delivered Arbinger training to all 17,000 company employees)
  • 43% more trust that leaders see and respond to employee needs in a major metropolitan hospital
  • 65% more product shipped by a large medical supplier during 6 months after Arbinger implementation (with no increase in staffing)

Shifting to an outward mindset is the one change that most dramatically improves performance, sparks collaboration, and accelerates innovation. By implementing an outward mindset across your organization–whether you are a corporation, non-profit, or government agency–you will position your employees to develop far more innovative solutions to their most challenging problems.

If you’re thinking, “Okay, but we’ve tried leadership development training before and nothing has changed,” we have news for you: 

There’s a reason that 70% of organizational change efforts fail. 

Why most change initiatives don’t work (and what makes Arbinger different)

The reality is, change initiatives often fail when they focus solely on changing behavior without addressing the underlying mindset that drives behavior. 

70% of organizational change efforts fail because they focus solely on changing behavior without addressing the underlying mindset that drives behavior. Executives at companies that address mindset were four times more likely than those that didn’t to rate their change programs as “successful.”

So how do you change culture in the workplace? Changing mindset must happen before will sustainably behavior change. People’s beliefs, values, and attitudes influence their behavior. So, if you want to change behavior, you must first address the mindset that drives it. If you fail to do so, people may comply with new behaviors temporarily, but they’ll eventually revert to old behaviors with the same old inward mindset.

Organizations can only resolve internal problems and achieve breakthrough results by maximizing the extent to which their employees work with an outward mindset, taking into account their impact on others and focusing on the needs of the organization as a whole.

Our Managing Partner, Mitch Warner, explains Arbinger’s secret sauce for getting organizational culture transformation to stick: 

And don’t just take it from Mitch—our clients will tell you themselves:

Customer story quote

Develop leaders with the mindset to succeed

Having strong leaders is essential to improving business performance. They set the tone for your organization’s high-performance culture, vision, and direction. They inspire and motivate their teams to achieve their full potential, and drive the organization towards its goals. 

When considering the importance of leadership development within your company, remember that:

  • People don’t quit companies, they quit bosses. Gallup found that 50% of employees left their job “to get away from their manager” at some point in their career.
  • 84% of employees cite the way leaders behave as the single most important factor influencing accountability in their organizations. Leaders should not just be holding people accountable, but developing accountable people
  • Leaders play a crucial role in retaining and engaging employees. The average cost of replacing an employee is 100% to 150% of their salary. For C-level positions, the cost is higher still—up to 213% of their salary. 

Leadership and Self-Deception, Arbinger’s international bestseller—with over 2 million copies sold worldwide—offers powerful insights on how an outward mindset changes the game for organizations in creating lasting motivation, resolving conflict, and improving collaboration.

Arbinger helped the leadership team at Spandex resolve long-standing conflicts and turn around a team of senior leaders embroiled in conflict. Here’s how:

Build high-performing teams

When teammates collaborate well, employees are more satisfied with their jobs, more engaged, and are more likely to stay with a company longer. All of these factors have an impact on your bottom line. In fact, 75% of employees agree teamwork and collaboration are crucial to organizational success. 

The three major outcomes of building a high-performing team are:

  • You’ll unlock new levels of collaboration
  • You’ll get to the heart of the conflicts that impact productivity
  • You’ll prevent burnout by boosting employee morale

Arbinger shows teams how an outward mindset will help them find new ways to solve old problems today and avoid them in the future. It ignites a level of engagement that’s both energizing and inspiring for everyone.

Hear it from our friends at Outfit7:

Customer quote image

Watch their team transform and unlock new levels of collaboration (all while navigating a fast-paced software development environment) here:

Arbinger’s international bestseller, The Outward Mindset, helps you shift to a new mindset that will improve performance, spark collaboration, accelerate innovation, and make your life and the lives of everyone around you better.

Foster an inclusive culture 

We’re all worthy of being seen as people who matter, yet we often see people as obstacles or problems. You can’t make meaningful change to organizational culture unless you focus on the dehumanizing mindset that holds people and organizations back—which is where the Arbinger comes in. 

By leveraging Arbinger’s principles in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), we help you shape the organizational culture that impacts employee engagement, retention, and performance.  

19% of employees at a large US hospital stat

Arbinger helps organizations:

  • Operationalize psychological safety with a set of frameworks and strategies to ensure all voices are heard
  • Transform team dynamics and reframe perspectives by enabling employees to examine their impact on others
  • Create a culture of openness by empowering teammates to evaluate unhelpful biases and correct practices that erode equity and inclusion

Arbinger authored The Anatomy of Peace, an international bestseller, to address the diversity, equity, and inclusion challenges that plague our communities and organizations.

General Motors knew they needed to find the humanity within their workforce to be successful with the DEI initiatives they knew they needed to implement. They wanted more than a tactical to-do list when it came to their training and development—they wanted to get at the heart of inclusion. See the impact Outward Inclusion had on the General Motors team.  

What partnering with Arbinger looks like

The goal of Arbinger’s services is to bring out the best in your people through curated, ongoing learning experiences designed to shift mindsets and behaviors to drive exceptional organizational culture transformation results. 

A partnership with Arbinger begins with assessing your organization’s goals, curating training to address your needs and challenges, certifying key members of your team to facilitate Arbinger training, the implementation of a sustainment program, ongoing coaching and consulting, and reviewing actionable insights to ensure your team is getting the most out of your investment. 

Curious about what an Arbinger training looks like in action? Here’s a peek at what you can expect from a workshop day.

Are you ready to experience the impact of an outward mindset?

Clients across corporate, non-profit, government, and state and local businesses trust Arbinger to help maximize their team’s performance and drive lasting results. We help facilitate individual mindset change at all organizational levels, and provide the support needed to coordinate and sustain these shifts over time. Just ask our clients! To date, Arbinger has helped transform nearly 2000 companies and counting. Is yours next?

Time to bring the power of an outward mindset to your team! Tell us a bit about yourself and your organization, and we’ll get you connected to our team of experts. 

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