Create the Inclusive
Organization Your
People Deserve

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Inclusion training should not cause this much stress

Not addressing the mindset of your employees regarding equity, diversity, and inclusion will only lead to minimal success. The change efforts you try to implement won’t stick, you’ll receive push back, and you won’t build the inclusive organization you want.

By addressing mindset you will:

  • Invite people in rather than call them out
  • Encourage change rather than demand
  • Allow people to be heard
  • Build trust within the organization

Outward Inclusion offers the opportunity to create a safe space where everyone is invited into the conversation. This workshop includes everything needed to not only implement but sustain inclusion practices organization wide.

Outward Inclusion calls people in rather than calling people out. Addressing mindset first encourages authentic conversations that get to the heart of the behaviors you want to change and organizational culture you want to create.

Registration Includes Everything Needed to Create an Inclusive Organization

No Barrier to Entry

Practical Tools & Resources

Implementation Framework

No scripts or role play. Real stories told by real people from around the world.

Start the conversation to see what Outward Inclusion would look like in your organization.