Individual Mindset Assessment


The Individual Mindset Assessment includes 10 statements. Rate the extent to which each statement applies to you (1 = Rarely, 10 = Always)

1. I have a clear and complete understanding of my manager's goals and objectives.
2. I can accurately write the top three goals and objectives of my key coworkers.
3. I carefully consider how my daily activities contribute to the overall strategic goals of the organization.
4. I regularly check in with my coworkers to make sure my efforts are helpful to them.
5. Before taking action, I actively seek out the opinions of those who would be affected by my decisions.
6. My coworkers would say that I generously share information and resources with them.
7. I regularly report to my manager on my failures and plans to improve.
8. I worry about what people at work are thinking about me.
9. I feel like I get the credit and recognition I deserve.
10. When others disagree with me, I carefully consider their suggestions.