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With the proliferation of education options for students in recent decades, unintended consequences of standardized testing, and other seismic shifts in the educational landscape, it is increasingly challenging for schools to provide high-quality, student-centered education while retaining talent and remaining financially viable. Our unique education solutions address the three core categories of challenges in primary education:


  1. Equal access to funding, disparate funding structures, and related achievement gaps
  2. Creating effective board governance relationships and collaboration
  3. Managing/coordinating competing programs and strategies
  4. Staying attractive/ competitive when students have a large range of school options

  1. Attracting and retaining talent
  2. Managing the proliferation of assessments; equipping teachers to maintain a student-focus within a framework of test-focused incentives
  3. Overcoming misalignment and clarifying measures of success
  4. Maintaining a customer service mentality

  1. Fostering student achievement
  2. Adapting to and addressing changing student demographics
  3. Ensuring family/parent engagement in schools and education

Higher Education

Colleges and universities face many of the same challenges as K-12 schools, including student retention, changing student populations, non-existent collaboration between faculty, dysfunctional communication between faculty and administration, and competition for funding. In addition, higher education must also tackle accreditation requirements, tenure demands to publish in peer-reviewed journals, and the transition from face-to-face education to online courses. Underpinning these specific issues is an archaic system that invites faculty and students to focus on themselves and emphasizes distinctions—between faculty and administration, faculty and faculty, and faculty and students—through appearances and titles.

Arbinger Solutions

Arbinger offers an education-specific suite of training solutions designed to help educators embed an outward mindset within a school and its broader community, including school boards, parents, administration, faculty, students, and accreditation boards. These solutions are offered directly to client organizations. In higher education, Arbinger’s solutions also help colleges and universities develop the mindset and culture to prepare students with the skills, experiences, and mindset to enter the workforce as a collaborative, helpful, and productive employee.

  • The Outward Mindset in Education™

  • Teaching with an Outward Mindset™
  • Outward Mindset Onboarding
  • The Outward Leader in Education™
  • Training, development, and engagement for school board members
  • Choose Well (a classroom program for students)™
  • The Outward Mindset (for higher education)™

Results and Outcomes

Financial viability

Student achievement

Talent retention

Community and corporate engagement and confidence

Enhanced leadership competencies at all levels

Responsibility-taking, blame-free work culture

Innovation, effectiveness, and efficiency

Effective collaboration and communication

Education Case Study Highlights

Dr. Reddy's FoundationDr. Reddy's Foundation

Dr. Reddy's Foundation

Aligning the Efforts of Internal Teams to Improve Organizational Efficiencies and Increase Student Enrollment and Placement Rates

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