Developing a Winning Culture

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building a winning culture
As an organization whose purpose is to help other organizations transform their workplace culture, the bar for our own culture at Arbinger feels especially high. But what we tell our clients is true for us as well—when it comes to culture, you never “arrive.” The work is never over and done. Your culture is the dynamic, living core of your organization that takes careful, ongoing cultivation. However, even though you never complete the journey, you do experience the fruit of striving to work with an outward mindset—the morale and engagement of your team, the satisfaction and joy people experience in their work, and the results you are able to produce together. And while these fruits are the most important outcomes of any organization’s work to create a world-class culture, it is deeply gratifying when others outside your organization recognize this ongoing work. For this reason we are incredibly proud to share that we are the recipients of three awards which both highlight our commitment to create a workplace culture at Arbinger that our team loves and demonstrates our commitment to deliver best-in-class solutions to help our clients do the same.

Best Places To Work Award

For the third year in a row, we are honored to receive the Salt Lake City Tribune’s Best Places to Work Award—a distinction given to select organizations whose employees feel a deep sense of value within an organizational culture that fosters belonging, ensures leadership excellence, and promotes professional development. More than any other recognition we could receive, this feedback from our own employees matters most as it confirms our highest aim—that seeing people as people and cultivating an inclusive culture is more than the philosophy at the heart of what we deliver to our clients. It’s the way we do business.

HIRE Vets Medallion Award

We are also deeply gratified to be named a 2022 recipient of the HIRE Vets Medallion Award for our commitment to hire, develop, and retain our United States veterans. In addition to the honor of serving clients in all branches of the U.S. military, we feel deeply honored to have many veterans serving in roles throughout Arbinger—as members of our executive leadership team, as account executives and client support professionals, and as facilitators who work onsite with our clients. The HIRE Vets Medallion Award is the only federal award recognizing exceptional achievement in veteran employment. But, as the recipients of this award, we have been pleased to discover that any recognition for supporting our nation’s veterans is far surpassed by the incredible value our veterans offer as they apply the deeply entrenched lessons that are born out of their service and share the influence of personal character forged in their sacrifice.

Training Magazine Choice Award for Leadership Development

Finally, in recognition of our cutting-edge leadership-development training and coaching, we are excited to share that Arbinger has received the Training Magazine Choice Award for Leadership Development. In an annual effort to “share what works” with all of Training’s audiences, Training Magazine invites their 56,000-plus engaged member community to cast their votes for the vendors they find to provide the most effective tools and solutions for their organizations. This year, more than 5,900 votes were cast by respondents representing over 650 companies to enable this peer-rated and crowd-sourced recognition of outstanding training products and solutions. We love this feedback from our clients. It means the world to us to see that our leadership development work—work that begins with the radical self-awareness we discuss in our international bestseller, Leadership & Self-Deception—continues to lead the industry as the best solution to develop truly great leaders. Whether measured by external recognition or by the internal scales of work satisfaction, retention, and growth, the outward mindset will enable you to create the culture you aim for in your organization just as it does for us here at Arbinger. Your organization is your greatest laboratory just as Arbinger is for all of us who work here. But applying an outward mindset is no experiment. It is a proven strategy.

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