Dr. C. Terry Warner's Oxford Papers

Oxford Papers

Educated in philosophy at Yale, Dr. C. Terry Warner has devoted a lifetime to the study of self-deception. In a steady stream of lectures, papers, and seminars over nearly three decades, Dr. Warner presented the results of his academic inquiry into the foundations of human behavior. The papers that make up this collection have been assembled for the use of the serious student of Arbinger’s rich and robust philosophical underpinnings.


The Choice, an Arbinger book

The Choice

This book, written to facilitate personal discovery, explains for a general audience the solution to an age-old problem in the human sciences–the paradox of self-deception. In groundbreaking work, Dr. C. Terry Warner and a team of scholars revealed an explanation to and path out of this paradox. This accessible and thought-provoking book outlines the flow of that discovery and illuminates the choice we face in every moment—the choice that determines our entire experience.


Angels Among Us, Arbinger book

Angels Among Us

This short but compelling book tells the true and inspiring story of a woman who was abandoned by her family and raised in an orphanage. Her story is at once tragic and uplifting, illuminating the foundational principles that govern any effort to work with those who are in need.


The Choice in Teaching and Education, an Arbinger book

The Choice in Teaching and Education

The art and structure of both teaching and learning are widely misunderstood. They happen at a level much deeper than typical educational efforts suppose. Understanding this deeper level reveals a new way to learn, teach, and administrate educational institutions.


The Choice in Intervention, an Arbinger book

The Choice in Intervention

This book shows how resistance, in all its subtle forms, creeps into and undermines intervention efforts. When others resist our help, there is a way to preserve a deep awareness of their humanity. This book is written to help the general reader improve their intervention efforts, whether at home, at school, in a formal treatment program, or within the context of informal relationships.


Choose Well book

Choose Well

Moment to moment we make a choice that determines our entire experience: we choose how we see and respond to the people around us. Depending on how we choose, we either blind ourselves to reality and make our own and others’ lives worse or obtain a clarity that equips us to make everything better. This book is about understanding the nature and consequences of this choice. It is about learning to choose well.


The Arbinger Signature Collection Boxed Set, containing books The Choice, Angels Among Us, Choose Well, The Oxford Papers, The Choice in Teaching and Education, and The Choice in Intervention

Signature Collection Box Set

This exclusive collection contains volumes not available elsewhere. Included publications are The Choice, Angels Among Us, Choose Well, The Oxford Papers, The Choice in Teaching and Education, and The Choice in Intervention. Collectively, these works explore the depths of Arbinger theory and illuminate the very practical application of this work.


Self-Betrayal and the Crisis of Self-Misunderstanding, an Arbinger book

Self-Betrayal and the Crisis of Self-Misunderstanding

This book outlines in a robust and persuasive way the logic of self-betrayal--the issue at the heart of the problem of self-deception. Understanding self-betrayal--and the self-misunderstanding that comes in its wake--enables the thoughtful observer to identify and overcome its damaging effects both individually and interpersonally.