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Law enforcement has always been complicated and dangerous. With the addition of omnipresent video recording, high-speed interconnectivity, and social media, law enforcement professionals require the tools to develop and implement an outward mindset in their work. Arbinger’s Policing with an Outward Mindset™ program addresses three key challenges in law enforcement today:

Situational Awareness and Officer Safety

Officers must increasingly operate in ways that are both smart and safe. This requires the self-awareness and motivation to be the most trained, skilled and conditioned version of themselves possible. In addition, officers must be aware of contextual behavioral anomalies indicative of dangerous or criminal behavior without being distracted by factors such as race, gender, age, sexual orientation, etc.


Trust and Collaboration

With so many factors influencing incident narratives and investigations, trust and collaboration within agencies and with the communities they serve has become critical—but also quite difficult.



Law enforcement leaders today must carry a deep sense of personal responsibility to develop competency in each of their roles and to understand the impact they have on others while carrying out their duties. Such a leader inspires and systematically develops similar personal responsibility from others.


Fire and EMS

The traditional paramilitary, structured, top-heavy way of managing public safety institutions is no longer effective. It is imperative to build a mindset and culture of personal responsibility for mission execution that extends to every firefighter and EMS professional.

Arbinger Solutions

The solution to the challenges in public safety today is to establish unprecedented transparency and accountability for each police action. Agencies that develop an outward mindset achieve these levels of transparency and accountability, create a foundation of community trust, and develop an environment of continuous learning and improvement as a natural outcome. Arbinger offers a public-safety-specific suite of training solutions designed to help public safety leaders embed an outward mindset within their agency and broader community. These solutions are offered directly to client organizations.

We deliver outward mindset transformation tailored to public safety organizations through the following programs and services:

  • Policing with an Outward Mindset™
  • Outward Mindset Skills for Leaders™
  • Implementation Tools
  • Executive Coaching
  • Systems and Process Consulting
  • Outward Mindset Strategic Planning and Execution™

Results and Outcomes

Increased safety and situational awareness

Effective, in-the-moment decision making

Heightened trust and collaboration with communities

Proactive, accountable personnel

Deep awareness of community sentiment and concerns, allowing early action to address problems

Enhanced agency legitimacy

Public Safety Case Study Highlights

Kansas City Police DepartmentKansas City Police Department

Kansas City Police Department

Resolving a Collective Bargaining Conflict and Enabling Leaders to Transform Results


Carthage Police Department

Creating a Sustainable Cultural Foundation and Public Feedback Mechanisms to Build Community Trust

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