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Sector Challenges We Solve

It is easy to establish a nonprofit organization in the United States – and there is no shortage of need for the services that nonprofits provide. Within this environment, we see three primary challenges facing nonprofits:


Historically, nonprofits organizations could find donors willing to finance their operations even if they could not link services to trackable impact. This approach is becoming increasingly difficult, however, as donors insist on more and more accountability for impact. Moreover, the growing social entrepreneurship movement has increased the pool of funding candidates, creating competition for struggling nonprofits. With limited funding, attracting and retaining talent remains a continual challenge as well. These factors combine to threaten some nonprofits’ ability to stay in business.



To navigate the increasingly competitive waters, nonprofits must enhance the management competencies of their leaders, including securing access to tools and professional development opportunities. Succession planning is critical, particularly when transitioning from founders to new executives.


Scope Creep

Many nonprofits struggle to say no. Staying focused on the mission is difficult, particularly when unmet needs are identified or opportunities arise out of new funding channels. Separately, some boards of directors may interpret their governance responsibilities differently from the nonprofit’s senior leaders, leading to miscommunication or conflict.


Becoming a Level 4 Nonprofit

Arbinger helps nonprofits address these challenges through the implementation of an outward mindset. Our specific nonprofit programs enable socially focused organizations to progress through four levels of development:

Level 1
Can receive funding from donors and provide anecdotal stories of impact

Level 2
Can receive funding and provide donors with “impact intelligence”--data that reliably demonstrates results

Level 3
Uses funding to deliver impact and become financially sustainable

Level 4
Uses funding to deliver impact and fund its own growth

Arbinger Solutions

By applying an outward mindset to improve organizational effectiveness and strengthen working relationships with boards and other community members, nonprofit leaders foster more effective service delivery and greater mission impact. Nonprofits who have used these tools are consistently able to “level up,” enabling them to not only do more with the funding they receive, but accelerate fundraising by increasing donor confidence.

We deliver transformation tailored to nonprofits through the following programs and services:

  • Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset™
  • Outward Mindset Strategic Planning and Execution for Nonprofits™

  • Outward Mindset Onboarding
  • Executive Coaching
  • Board Training, Development, and Engagement
  • Living with an Outward Mindset™ (for recipients)
  • Public intensive workshop for community nonprofits*

* In partnership with Forever Young Foundation, we make our training available to community nonprofit leaders through a four-day intensive public workshop. The workshop includes Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset (Arbinger’s foundational training), Outward Mindset Strategic Planning and Execution for Nonprofits, and monthly nonprofit teleconferences.

Results and Outcomes

Eliminate the foundational problems that undercut effectiveness

Lead a team focused on enabling others to accomplish their objectives

Identify clear objectives for each service delivered

Develop plans to efficiently accomplish the objectives

Measure and report performance using new kinds of metrics

Improve donor confidence

Continuously improve and update processes to ensure objectives are met

Define board duties, responsibilities, and engagement

Nonprofit Case Study Highlights

Hope ArisingHope Arising

Hope Arising

Assisting a Humanitarian Organization in Developing a Strategy to Dramatically Improve Effectiveness

Dr. Reddy's FoundationDr. Reddy's Foundation

Dr. Reddy's Foundation

Aligning the Efforts of Internal Teams to Improve Organizational Efficiencies and Increase Student Enrollment and Placement Rates

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