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A Change in Mindset Changes Outcomes

We help leaders create the high-performance culture that drives exceptional organisational results.

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Cultivate a culture where your people thrive.

In-person or virtual workshops and training led by Arbinger facilitators or licensed client employees. Teams meet to develop the mindsets and skills to successfully operate and innovate. Our workshops help hone individual effectiveness as a means to driving business growth.


Developing & Implementing an Outward Mindset

Enabling leaders and their teams to shift mindset and thereby build a high-performance culture.

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Outward Leadership

Empower leaders to shift from holding people accountable to developing accountable people.

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Outward Inclusion

Create a culture of real inclusion where people from all backgrounds belong and where diversity fuels your organisation’ssuccess.

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Results are the ripple effect of mindset

Behavioural issues that ripple throughout your organisation will never be resolved unless you address the mindset that underlies them. The key to achieving long-lasting results is rooted in your organisation’s collective mindset.

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You can’t change behaviour without first changing mindset. Executives at companies that took the time to address mindset challenges were four times more likely to succeed than those that didn’t.

Gillian brings over 20 years of learning and development experience from the pharmaceutical industry to her work as an executive and leadership coach. She specialises in working with directors and senior managers committed to exploring how self-deception affects their ability to lead.

Trained through the coaching faculty of the Arbinger Institute and the International Coaching Federation, Gillian is unique in her field in the UK in working with coachees on justification styles. An author and chartered member of the CIPD, Gillian is also a certified Arbinger trainer of trainers, a coach in the UK Vital Conversations programme, a trained community mediator and an associate member of the Association of British Psychologists.

Gillian Campbell | Director of Executive Coaching | Arbinger UK

Alec has devoted 23 years of his life to understanding the link between relationships and high-performing teams. Alec has led Arbinger UK since its inception, during which time he has worked with executive teams across the public and private sectors in the UK and Europe, helping them to bring about a shift in mindset that offers a new lens to solving their greatest organisational challenges. Alec is also a sought-after keynote speaker on the role mindset plays in organisational change and building a high-performance culture.

In 2010, Alec’s book Vital Conversations topped the leadership category of Amazon UK. In addition to his focus on mindset shift in organisations, Alec is certified in mediation, transactional analysis and the Skilled Facilitator Approach.

Alec Grimsley | Managing Director | Arbinger UK

Paul joined Arbinger UK in 2024 following a military career that spanned four decades and multiple commands. With facilitation and strategic leadership experience from assignments in the UK Ministry of Defence, NATO, with foreign governments and in the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Paul leads Arbinger UK’s public sector practice.

An Arbinger facilitator since 2021, Paul is a member of the International Coaching Federation and a keynote speaker. A recent graduate of King’s College London and Henley Business School, Paul is passionate about the role of mindset in leadership, well-being and productivity at all organisational levels.

Paul Ottewell | Director of Public Sector Practice | Arbinger