Arbinger Institute Launches the Turn the World Outward Award

The Arbinger Institute
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(Salt Lake City, UT). On Tuesday, June 25 and Wednesday, June 26, the first-ever winners of the new Turn the World Outward Award were announced.

The award, presented by the Arbinger Institute, honors those who make a difference to the world by seeing others as people. Too often, we go about our lives thinking only about ourselves. We see each other as objects—objects we can use, blame, or ignore. But some people are different. They go about their lives thinking about others—seeing people as people and striving to positively impact those around them. In seeing others as people, they invite and inspire the rest of us to do the same. The Turn the World Outward Award was created to celebrate these people.

This year, the Turn the World Outward Award was presented to one individual, one community, and one organization. Renowned musician and activist Daryl Davis, who is African-American, received the individual award in recognition of his efforts to understand and befriend members of the Ku Klux Klan. The city of Mobile, Alabama received the community award for their work to reintegrate formerly incarcerated citizens and reduce recidivism. La Fageda, a Spanish yogurt company, received the organizational award because they have built a successful business that dedicates its resources to improving the lives of its nearly 200 mentally handicapped employees.

Arbinger managing partner Mitch Warner said, “The three award winners all embody, in their own ways, what it means to see people as people. We are incredibly inspired by them and are honored to help celebrate their work.”

Learn more about the award, this year’s winners, and all the nominees at or on social media (#TurnTheWorldOutward).

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