Assessments and the Arbinger Process

In the Assess phase of the Arbinger change process, we set a baseline for your current mindset and performance metrics as well as establish performance improvement goals.


Mindset Assessment

Suggested level:
Individuals, leaders, and executives

Everyone operates somewhere along a continuum from inward to outward. Our position on that continuum profoundly affects our performance, influence, and individual effectiveness. Similarly, the collective mindset of an organization shapes its culture and performance.

This 20-question Mindset Assessment gauges an individual's perception of their own mindset as well as that of their organization. In addition to indicating location along the inward mindset-outward mindset continuum, the results provide additional insight into specific areas of strengths and opportunities. When organizations field this survey widely, they receive detailed insights into employees’ experience and perception of their work.

Although anyone is welcome to take the Mindset Assessment at any time, we strongly recommend taking it at the start of work with Arbinger to set a baseline, then periodically reassessing to gauge progress and adjust efforts as needed.

Upon completion of the assessment, we present an analysis of the findings along with recommendations for steps to take to improve individual and organizational mindset and performance.


Organizational Assessment

Suggested level:

Systems, policies, and other structural elements of an organization heavily influence employee mindset and behavior. Many organizations unwittingly incentivize or invite an inward mindset among employees simply by virtue of the legacy structures they have in place. For this reason, any organizational transformation effort must assess not only the human elements (mindsets), but also the structural ones. Virtually every organization can change some aspects of their operations to help ensure their employees work with an outward mindset over the long term.

In this assessment, Arbinger consultants work with organizations to review their policies, practices, structures, and procedures. We analyze these elements to determine which may be inviting or rewarding an inward mindset among employees, then recommend changes that will reinforce an outward mindset and reward results-focused, collaborative behaviors. If appropriate, we also provide support during the rollout and implementation of new policies, procedures and systems.

This process, including the depth of review, is highly tailored to the needs of our client organizations. Prior to each assessment, we consult with senior leaders to determine specific goals and issue areas, then propose a timeline for the review.

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