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Consulting and the Arbinger Process

In Step 3 of the Arbinger process, we provide executives with tailored consulting support to help them align enterprise-wide efforts to invite outward mindsets and behaviors.


Quarterly Implementation Sessions

Suggested level:
Executives and team decision makers

Virtually every organization has a need to change various aspects of their operations to help ensure their employees work with an outward mindset over the long-term. Arbinger consultants work with organizations to assess their policies, practices, structures, and procedures and determine which may be inviting or rewarding an inward mindset among their employees. After helping identify changes that will reinforce an outward mindset and reward results-focused, collaborative behaviors, Arbinger supports leaders as they plan and roll out new systems and policies. The recommended cadence for these sessions is quarterly.


Strategic Planning and Execution

Suggested level:
Executive teams

This intensive strategic planning and execution program begins with three days onsite with senior leaders following completion of the Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset workshop. Leaders are guided through an assessment and reconception of organizational structures, an annual planning process, the identification of key impact-focused metrics, and a framework for reporting practices. Together, these exercises and tools provide heightened levels of transparency and accountability. The program equips an organization’s employees to track key metrics, to hold themselves accountable for achieving results as well as for the impact of their work, and to adjust work plans when organizational goals change. Arbinger consultants provide ongoing support and mentoring to ensure effective execution and realization of organizational goals.

Note: This guided program is highly customized relative to client needs. Please contact us for more information.

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