The Anatomy of Peace, Fourth Edition

This edition offers more free resources and tools than ever before. Organizations and leaders will find this edition to be highly applicable and useful, especially in their efforts to create more equitable workplaces.

By the Arbinger Institute | January 31, 2022

The Anatomy of Peace Background

The Anatomy of Peace has been a bestselling book in the categories of conflict resolution, war and peace, and business conflict resolution. For over 15 years it has been helping families, organizations, leaders, HR professionals, managers, and more, resolve conflict with a heart at peace. The book follows the fictional story of a group of parents and teenagers at “Camp Moriah.” all facing conflicts and struggles in their relationships. Through the course of the book, the parents begin to understand why they are in conflict, the root cause of their conflicts and how to actually help resolve the conflicts they face. Arbinger principles are woven into each step of the learning process, helping make these lessons universal in application and making difficult concepts seem simple and applicable. Those who have read this book highlight the tools and resources provided as the most impactful and helpful aspect of the story.

The Anatomy of Peace Fourth Edition: What’s New?

With every edition of the Anatomy of Peace, we have updated resources and content to help increase its application in the lives of the readers. If the Anatomy of Peace has already helped so many, why is there a need to change anything? For the Arbinger Institute, one of our values is to keep listening and learning, which ultimately will lead to necessary change. Just like conflict, change is inevitable. But how we interact with such change depends on how we see it as good, bad, or indifferent. As we learn in the book, our mindset regarding conflict or change dictates whether we see new ideas and progress as threats or as opportunities to grow as individuals and as a community. We see this new edition as an important opportunity to address issues such as racism and prejudice directly.

“Seeing an equal person as an inferior object is an act of violence”

- The Anatomy of Peace

In the Fourth Edition of The Anatomy of Peace, we have revisited the characters in the story as well as the tools and resources to be more equitable, diverse, inclusive, and accessible. We believe this will guide the readers through an ever changing, deeper mindset towards seeing all people as people at work, home, and in the world. This edition offers more free resources and tools than ever before. Organizations and leaders will find this edition to be highly applicable and useful, especially in their efforts to create more equitable workplaces. At Arbinger, we value our function as an institute, bringing ideas and voices together to teach and share. A critical component of this new edition is the panel of new and diverse voices from around the world who share their expertise and experiences and offered invaluable insights. As an institute we believe in our own capacity to change and grow as we see others and make adjustments as we understand our impact. The storyline and characters have been updated to increase their relevance in modern society. To read a few of the sample chapters, click here.

How can these changes be applied?
The application of this book is and always will be, to help people resolve conflict in their lives and live with a heart at peace. Think of this new edition as an expansion of the materials that have been changing lives for the past 15+ years. The core principles are the same, but the story and resources have been reworked, expanded, and made more relevant.
  1. One of the areas this could be applied at work, for leaders and managers who are leading change initiatives. A new resource that was added is an organizational assessment to help decision makers get a baseline understanding of how inclusive their organization is or isn’t.
  2. As a number one seller in conflict management, this is great for families and individuals looking to resolve an issue they may be facing. To be able to help conversations go right, rather than focusing on what might be wrong is a universal and timeless skill.
  3. Individuals who want to increase their understanding of conflict resolution surrounding conversations of racism, phobias, inclusion and more.
Where to find it?

You can find The Anatomy of Peace Fourth Edition wherever you buy books on February 8th! To Pre-order, head over to your local bookstore or Amazon and get your copy. Not quite ready to pre-order, check out these sample chapters here.