Outward Leadership

The Outward Mindset Skills for Leaders (OMSL) workshop has been replaced!
This course is now Outward Leadership. If you have completed OMSL, please contact us for information about updating your certification.

Content and Tools

This one-day in person or virtual program is designed to significantly advance leaders’ abilities to implement outward mindset ways of working within their teams and organizations.

It equips leaders with a suite of 38 practical tools to ensure they and their employees are working with an outward mindset. Participants are equipped to use all 38 tools and leave the workshop with a specific plan for implementing the tools to address their pressing organizational issues.

So that leaders can quickly reference and apply the tools, they are grouped into four categories and listed in a Workplace Situations Index containing 30 common situations faced by leaders and their teams.


Collaboration Tools


Accountability Tools


Conflict and Relationship Tools


Supervision Tools

Workplace Situations

The Workplace Situations Index addresses the following situations:

  • Selecting a New Hire
  • Orienting a New Team Member
  • Groups Not Collaborating Well
  • Groups in Conflict
  • Poor Alignment
  • Low Morale or Engagement
  • Team Members are Complaining
  • People Not Giving Their Best
  • A Challenging Goal To Achieve
  • Struggling with Someone
  • Improving Communication
  • Someone is Not Doing Enough
  • Someone is Trying to Do Everything
  • Coaching a Team Member
  • Deciding Who to Promote
  • Feeling Bogged Down by Process or Procedures
  • Dealing with a Heavy Workload
  • Customer Unhappy with Products/Services
  • Difficult Manager
  • Difficult Employee
  • Lagging Below Targets
  • Meeting about Contentious Issues
  • Quality Issues
  • Shift-to-Shift Handoff
  • Lack of Buy-In
  • Making a Key Business Decision
  • Implementing a New Process
  • Breaking Down Silos
  • Dealing with Turnover
  • Letting Someone Go

What to Expect at an Arbinger Training

Who Should Attend

This course is appropriate for:

  • Leaders and managers at any level in an organization
  • Potential and emerging leaders

Please note: Arbinger courses are not for independent consultants or trainers. Attending this course does not give license to teach this content. If you are an independent consultant or trainer and have questions, please call us.

Materials and Resources

Participants receive the Outward Leadership handbook. Through their account on the Arbinger Portal, Outward Leadership program participants also receive access to digital versions of the 38 tools and videos introducing selected tools. Watch a sample introductory video. These tools are listed in a category index and a Workplace Situations Index. Over time, this content library will expand to include new tools as well as introduction and “how-to” videos for the tools.


Participants must have attended the two-day Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset course.

Pricing and Schedule

Please contact us for pricing on this program.