Outward Mindset Leader
in Education


In this workshop, education leaders acquire tactical management tools that ensure they and their educators and staff continually work with an outward mindset and achieve results. Participants learn to assess their own effectiveness in growing and developing their teams. They improve their leadership and management skills through the following tool sets:

Checkmark Selection and Onboarding Tools—Tools to assess the capabilities and mindset of potential hires, set performance expectations, and ensure successful onboarding.
Graph Performance Management Tools—Tools that equip managers to help employees prioritize responsibilities and hold themselves accountable through structured performance conversations.
Path Correction and Discipline Tools—Conversation templates to provide helpful correction, resolve conflicts, and terminate employment if necessary.

Results and Outcomes

Education leaders will learn to:

  • Leverage interview questions to select capable, outward, and effective teachers, staff, and employees
  • Implement effective onboarding/orientation processes
  • Help those they supervise to understand their key roles and responsibilities and work towards objectives that improve their capabilities, impact, and effort
  • Heighten accountability to performance standards and help others work in a more aligned and collaborative way
  • Drive employee-led monthly evaluations and performance conversations
  • Provide helpful and straightforward correction

By attending this workshop, certified Arbinger facilitators will become qualified to attend an Outward Mindset Leader in Education Train-the-Trainer course, which licenses individuals to deliver this workshop within their employing institution.

What to Expect at an Arbinger Training

Who Should Attend

This course is appropriate for educators, educational administrators, and support staff who serve as leaders or supervisors at any level in their organization, and for potential/emerging leaders.


Outward Mindset Leader in Education handbook

The Outward Leader in Education handbook


Participants must have attended the Outward Mindset in Education course


This is an interactive course that allows participants to thoroughly explore and internalize key concepts that transform leadership in educational institutions. It is punctuated by videos, individual and group exercises, and application of implementation tools to participants’ daily challenges in helping others grow and develop.

We deliver this workshop onsite within organizations in a one-day format. We tailor delivery to meet your needs and focus on your organization’s goals and challenges.


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