Mastery Training for Coaches

Program Overview

The Choice in Coaching: Arbinger Mastery Training for Coaches (CIC) provides a learning environment to truly master the material in Leadership and Self-Deception, and The Anatomy of Peace both personally and professionally.

Graduates report that:

  • The CIC program transforms their lives in ways unimaginable.
  • Having deeply integrated the concepts, they have become a powerful motivating force for sustainable change in their clients’ lives as well.

CCE_WEB LogoThis program is approved for 25 CCEU units with the International Coaching Federation.

The program is designed for:

    1. Personal and business coaches – with an emphasis on life coaching
    2. Is also open to counselors, therapists, and other helping professionals

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The Choice in Coaching (CIC) is an advanced, mastery-level training program that dives quickly into the “deep end” of Arbinger‘s material. We ask that participants come prepared for coaching and learning at this level both in terms of their experience as helping professionals as well as their understanding of Arbinger‘s material.

  1. Read Leadership and Self-Deception and The Anatomy of Peace. Many participants also choose to read Terry Warner‘s Bonds That Make Us Free.
  2. Complete foundational study with Arbinger of self-deception and its application to life. This can be satisfied either by:
    • Attending an Arbinger two day in-person public seminar. Contact for more information , or
    • Completing the 8-week Anatomy of Peace Course by Phone. Contact for more information
  3. Complete at least 60 hours of an accredited coach training program (or equivalent).
  4. Have coached at least 100 hours.

Persons interested in the Choice in Coaching who do not meet these prerequisites are encouraged to contact Arbinger for more details at

We encourage anyone interested in the CIC to contact us early so we can assist you with pre-requisites and course planning.

Course Content

The first two-thirds of the program are devoted to revisiting the core material (self-betrayal, carry boxes, collusion, and getting out) in detail and depth, gaining competency to use new tools to coach through the Arbinger lens.

The final third covers how to help clients to see all matters of personal growth through the Arbinger lens. Coaches completing the course will feel comfortable and competent helping clients discover and get out of their boxes as well as improve any aspect of their lives by reducing resistance and developing their ability to respond effectively to life‘s demands.

Participants in the CIC learn three governing principles for coaching and the Arbinger Personal Growth Pyramid, a structure to help things go right in one-to-one conversations around the material.

 Program Structure

The CIC integrates understanding of a complete philosophical system with its practical application to personal growth and coaching conversations. Weekly program calls regularly include:

  1. Learning a diagram that progresses from self-betrayal to getting out-of-the-box
  2. Practicing questions that help clients discover their resistance
  3. Reflecting on insights into personal boxes that impede coaching excellence

Weekly Calls
The CIC is a 15-week telecourse that meets once a week for 1.5 to 2 hours per week on a teleconference line that brings participants together from around the world.

Coaching Practice
Between weekly program calls, participants meet one-to-one for practice coaching. Each participant is assigned a fellow coach as a client and another as a coach, ensuring learning from both the coach and client seat. In the CIC program, participants complete a total of 7 hours of coaching as coach and 7 hours as client.

Mentor Coaching
Participants meet three times with a program leader for mentor coaching. These sessions are a chance to check learning, remove roadblocks, and deepen professional application. There are two hours total mentor coaching.

Weekly Assignments
Finally, CIC participants complete weekly assignments that they share with leaders and fellow coaches in a private online forum.

Course Materials
Course materials include weekly program materials in PDF format as well as additional tools for coaching clients (diagrams, forms, etc.). The program gives coaches over 300 coaching questions to practice with clients.

Program Benefits

Arbinger Licensing
Upon successful completion of the course, participants are licensed to use Arbinger materials (including proprietary materials used only in the CIC) in their one-to-one coaching with clients. Coaching more than 5 clients inside an organization is permitted and encouraged once the coach attends an Arbinger organizational seminar.

Graduates are not licensed to coach or teach groups of any kind (couples and families are the exception); if you are interested in learning more about becoming a licensed Arbinger Facilitator, please contact Arbinger for more information.

Arbinger Coaching Network
CIC graduates become members of the Arbinger Coaching Network (ACN). The ACN is a group of coaches who are dedicated to being an out-of-the-box place in their one-to-one helping work. Through the ACN, you can find and share resources, get help to discover and stay out of your boxes, and build alliances with other professionals. Membership in the ACN is free and reserved for graduates of Arbinger’s mastery programs for helping professionals.

Coach Benefits

  • On completion of the CIC, you get discounts for yourself and your family for many Arbinger in-person programs.
  • Graduates also receive discounts on many Arbinger materials and products, with the option to resell to clients for a profit.
  • Graduates become members in the Arbinger Coaching Network (ACN), a meeting of minds sharing the best practices in coaching the Arbinger way.
  • ICF coaches earn 25 hours of CCE credits

Registration & Fees

How to Apply
Prior to registering for the course, please fill out the application form and send it to A program leader will get in touch to discuss your enrollment process further.

Standard Fee: $2995 USD. 
Early Bird registrations: 60 days prior to program start receive a discount of $200 off the program fee.
Payment Plan:  Payments for a total of $3195. See registration information for details.

After Applying…
Upon receipt of your application, a program leader will contact you to continue the registration process.

Once applicants are accepted, a date will be set for a welcome interview to help prepare for the course.

Other Considerations
We understand that the prerequisites require considerable time, between the moment you decided to research the CIC and the start of the course.

Our experience in training coaches since 2003 in Arbinger‘s philosophy, has shown that we can best prepare you to have the experience we think you‘re desiring, by you settling into learning about self-deception first. We ask simply that you trust us and be patient. In return, we promise to do our very best to help you help your clients.


      • Read Leadership and Self-Deception and The Anatomy of Peace
      • Complete prerequisite study with Arbinger (in-person seminar or Anatomy of Peace telecourse)
      • Return application form to
      • Have conversation with a course leader and arrange payment
      • Return Participant Agreement and review the Program Guide
      • Complete welcome interview