The Arbinger process impacts individuals at every level of an organization. The transformation is seen and felt by shareholders, employees, customers and vendors alike.

Change Process

“As the head of Organizational Development for a $3 billion dollar concern, I’ve seen just about every major leadership program. We had just completed a program with one of the biggest names out there. People had generally liked it. But there was little, if any, genuine organizational change. Then I found Arbinger. Arbinger is different. They are not selling products. They are selling a process—a change process. It requires the deep commitment of leaders, but the results are tremendous. Arbinger knows how to help people really change.”

Organizational Development Director, Forbes 40 Organization



“We were such a basket-case that the most effective consulting firm we could find (and it has a very high national profile) could do nothing with us, despite months of trying. Fortunately, this firm was familiar with Arbinger and referred us to them. Nothing has been the same since. We are now the most profitable company in our industry – doubling and even tripling the ROI of our nearest competitors.”

Chairman and CEO, nationwide distribution company


Successful Merger

“In this stressful environment there was a sense of self-survival among us. Everyone – me included – was jockeying for a position in the new company, even if that meant not sharing important information with my co-workers or whatever. Since the Arbinger process, we have more teamwork than I’ve seen before. Everybody is freely helping everyone else and it seems to be inviting more help from everyone else. It’s just incredible that we have evolved this way.”

General Manager


Increasing Trust

“There is a tremendous change in the company since the Arbinger process. There is an ability to receive bad news without thinking bad of someone. More respect, more follow-up, and a higher level of trust.”

Engineering Manager


Project Management

“Never before has an internal project had this kind of performance. The success of the implementation was not just about integrating the changes in our team: we had to change the hearts and minds of everyone by building relationships, strengthening teams, and helping each person to integrate the new software solutions throughout all processes. Given that we started out with Arbinger as our modus operandi, we were aligned and started the project…all connected and focused on results together. We asked people to bring the negatives they found to our team so that we could find solutions rather than leaving them to fester and potentially poison the change process. When problems came up, we welcomed them as one and walked through them together.”

Senior Manager


Conflict Transformation

“The situation was impossible. The problems threatened to shut down a major operation entirely. I brought Arbinger in and I’ve never seen such a radical change. The people who had been at war now pulled together and cleaned up a year’s worth of contract disputes and modifications in just a few weeks. We saved the operation and met other crucial deadlines. It was the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a management miracle.”

Company Director


Resolving cross-team conflict

“We had a conflict with another process team. They were using some of our data, and we felt they were going to get credit for it. After beginning the Arbinger process, we got together, talked it out, and decided we’d each make our goal to help the other team succeed. This has improved the quality of the overall process work immensely.”

Team Leader


Labor Relations

“Since the Arbinger process, I actually look forward to working with the union president. I rely on him to help me solve my problems and I think he feels the same about me. I’ll never go back to the old way.”

Company President


“The kind of cooperation and mutual support we have now between labor and management would have been unheard of in the past. I was planning to retire next year. But now I want to stick around, because things are only getting better.”
Union President


Transforming Culture

“As a result of working in an Arbinger way, improvements have been showing up all over the company. These self-initiated changes are changing a culture from the rigid and paternalistic ways of a 100 year old system to a new, competitively honed, high teamwork, customer-driven approach required in our industry today.”

Marketing Director


“Immediately there was an increase in quality; there was a uniformity across all departments as a result of the Arbinger process. In meetings together, there was less division, there were no feelings of protectionism, and there were fewer boundaries between people as to who could speak and who had a voice. I believe that’s happened because no one has anything to protect, because we all feel like we’re on the same team now, because everyone feels like they have a piece of what’s going on. You can pass things on, you can take hand-offs from other people, you’re not bogged down with red tape, because everyone is doing their job because they feel empowered.”

Operations Manager


“This is the single most important thing that we have done in the company.”

Vice President of Marketing


Sustained Culture Change

“If I had to rank the things that have happened to me in my life, I’d have to put The Arbinger process right at the top. This is very significant work, and I am just so proud to work for a company that would do this for its employees. It’s worth every penny. Just seeing how people are before they go through the Arbinger process and what they’re like after the process and the way people are relating to each other makes it worth it. I know that it’s not something that’s going to die in a couple of years like some of the programs that our company has been dragged through. This is real living and growing work, and it’s very valuable.”

Arbinger workshop participant


Diffusing Conflict

“The Arbinger process has helped me establish healthy relationships at every level of the organization. It has given us a common language so we can collectively recognize and identify conflicts that we are involved in at an organizational level. In the past I always focused on how to fix others. Today I pay more attention to how I can fix myself. It makes all the difference in the world.”

Regional Operations Manager


Improving Communication

“I used to dread being around some people. Every time my pager would go off I would flinch. But everything has changed for me since Arbinger. The people I respond to are surprised by my new way, and we don’t have the confrontations we usually had before. We have all been amazed by the difference Arbinger has made.”

Customer Service Manager


Becoming Results Focused

“Before we implemented the Arbinger process in our organization, we said we were focused on results, but we weren’t. We were focused on demonstrating how our poor results were someone else’s fault. Now we all know just what we should be doing, and everything we are doing supports the results of others throughout the company.”

Division President

“An awful lot of finger pointing used to go on. Now the attitude is more, ‘Let’s get to the root cause and deal with it.’ We have Arbinger to thank for that.”

Division Manager


Exceeding Goals

“As a result of Arbinger, we have exceeded goals and created camaraderie to an extent completely unprecedented in my career.”

International Manufacturing President and CEO


Leadership Transformation

“The Arbinger process has helped me establish healthy relationships at every level of the organization. The process has given us a common language so we can collectively recognize conflicts that we are involved in at an organizational level. In the past I always focused on how to fix others. Today I pay more attention to how I can fix myself.”

Regional Operations Manager

“I couldn’t see how my lack of clarity was hurting my people. We’re getting a lot more done, and we’re doing it a lot faster now.”

Corporate Officer


Improving Efficiencies

“Last year we delivered the products our company depends on for its revenue more efficiently, at lower cost, with higher quality than ever before. And thanks to our new way of interacting with each other and with employees, we did it in a better way than ever before. I attribute all this to the Arbinger process.”

Telecommunications Division President


Honesty, Accountability, & Collaboration

“Arbinger delivered immediate tangible results. Where we had been highly dysfunctional and totally unproductive, there is now honesty, individual accountability, and collaboration. I have no other word for it than ‘remarkable.’”

Large Multinational President