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Sector Challenges We Solve

Most healthcare professionals choose their line of work because they want to help people—to save lives and improve health. Given the current environment of intense scrutiny, bureaucracy, changes to cost structures and reimbursement, and staff shortages, however, many healthcare organizations struggle to uphold this sense of purpose and patient focus in daily operations. From independent physicians’ offices to large hospital systems, healthcare organizations must learn to improve patient outcomes while complying with all regulations and remaining financially viable.

Within this context, Arbinger supports healthcare organizations in tackling three major challenges:

Creating Collaborative Cultures

Many healthcare organizations operate in a hierarchical, top-down culture that can hinder collaboration and foster conflict. The cross-functional collaboration and communication that are key to ensuring consistent clinical outcomes are undermined by the real or perceived differences in power, status, or influence that are a vestige of historical ways of operating in healthcare.


Improving Safety and Clinical Outcomes

Many mistakes happen because individuals lack awareness of the impact of their actions on others within a healthcare system. With the health of patients at stake, and with increased bureaucratic scrutiny and oversight, improving safety and clinical outcomes is critically important. Research indicates that low-functioning teams make more errors than teams that work well together.


Minimizing Risk and Increasing Patient Satisfaction

Reigniting employee purpose and equipping healthcare professionals with the tools to effectively collaborate and communicate is key to minimizing risk and improving patient access, flow, and satisfaction. Additionally, the mindset of healthcare professionals toward patients—what researchers have termed “bedside manner”—is a critical factor in the perceptions of patients regarding the care they receive.


Arbinger Solutions

Arbinger’s programs help organizations create an outward mindset culture that fosters a sense of personal accountability for patient outcomes, improved team performance, effective communication, and consistently high patient satisfaction.

We deliver outward mindset transformation to healthcare organizations through the following programs and services:

  • Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset™
  • Outward Leadership
  • Implementation Tools
  • Coaching
  • Systems and Process Consulting
  • Outward Mindset Strategic Planning and Execution™

Results and Outcomes

Enhanced patient experience (HCAHPS) Improved clinical outcomes

Higher-quality, safer service delivery

Decreased provider errors

Improved patient access and flow

Decrease in conflicts and disruptive employee behaviors

Improved purpose and meaning in professional life

Cross-functional alignment and effective communication

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Plum HealthcarePlum Healthcare

Plum Healthcare

Using Arbinger to Turn Failing Facilities into an Industry-Leading Healthcare Organization

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