Train-the-Trainer Programs


Arbinger offers onsite train-the-trainer programs for the following workshops:

  • Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset
  • Outward Leadership
  • Outward Mindset Strategic Planning and Execution
  • Outward Mindset Customer Growth
  • Outward Mindset in Education
  • Policing with an Outward Mindset

Train-the-trainer programs are intensive experiences that equip participants with a deep understanding of the relevant workshop’s material and its implications within organizations. Participants explore the material’s application to organizational issues that affect the workshop’s audience and learn to deliver core concepts, frameworks, and tools in the most relevant and engaging way.

Upon course completion, participants are prepared and certified to facilitate the selected workshop within their organization to employees of their organization for whom program materials have been purchased.

Results and Outcomes

Participants will learn to:

  • Facilitate Arbinger’s concepts and tools as elements of a complete framework in a logically coherent manner
  • Create an outward mindset space for workshop participants
  • Deliver stories that compellingly illustrate Arbinger material
  • Adopt an “internal consultant” approach to guiding an organization in implementing Arbinger material

Those who successfully complete the train-the-trainer course will have exclusive access to:

  • Facilitator Support Helpline—Receive one-on-one coaching to prepare for and debrief after workshops. Available 9am-5pm MST, Monday-Friday.
  • Arbinger Facilitator Portal—Access podcasts, evaluation forms, facilitator development videos, recordings of the Monthly Global Facilitator Calls, screen casts of master facilitators delivering outward mindset material, and more.
  • Monthly Global Facilitator Calls—Continue developing facilitation skills by participating in these best-practice conversations with other facilitators and Arbinger master facilitators.
  • Arbinger’s Annual Summit and Facilitator Retraining—Receive exclusive invitations to this valuable event. Attend to learn new materials, retrain on core content, network, attend Q&A sessions, and hear from special guest speakers.


Train-the-trainer workshops are advanced programs that explore the breadth and depth of Arbinger’s groundbreaking work. We ask that you come prepared to deepen your understanding of Arbinger material, explore its application to your personal and work lives, and adopt an outward mindset approach to delivering the material.

The following prerequisites must be completed before attending a train-the-trainer course:

  • Attend the relevant workshop (the one you will be facilitating in your organization)
  • Read both Leadership & Self Deception and The Outward Mindset
  • It is helpful but not required to read The Anatomy of Peace

We encourage anyone interested in a train-the-trainer course to contact us as early as possible so we can assist you with prerequisites and course planning. If you have other questions, please direct them to events@arbinger.com.

Who Should Attend

Train-the-trainer programs are appropriate for individuals who:

  • Want to help lead the implementation of an outward mindset approach within their organizations
  • Want to deepen their understanding of outward mindset principles and strategies
  • Possess the following characteristics, which will make them ideally suited to successfully facilitate within their organizations:
    1. Credibility (high credibility with, and the respect of, the populations they would train)
    2. Charisma (interesting and engaging to listen to and learn from)
    3. Connection (naturally connects well with people)

Certification Process

Becoming a certified Arbinger facilitator for your organization involves the following three basic steps:

  1. Fulfill prerequisites prior to the train-the-trainer course
  2. Successfully complete the train-the-trainer course
  3. Sign the Facilitator License Agreement for the relevant program

As a certified Arbinger facilitator, you will be responsible for overseeing the purchase of appropriate course materials for those you train in your organization.

Licensing and Certification

Upon successful completion of the train-the-trainer course and signature of the Facilitator License Agreement, you will be certified to deliver the relevant workshop material in your employing organization. The Facilitator License Agreement outlines the scope of delivery, including what material you may use and the per-participant cost of training materials.

Note: In the event of employment termination or a change of company, you are not automatically certified to deliver Arbinger material in your new organization. You will need to complete a new Facilitator License Agreement with Arbinger.


Please contact us for pricing on this program.