Outward Mindset Customer Growth


Outward Mindset Customer Growth instills a sales mentality in all members of an organization. Participants review the organization’s current and prospective customers and clients, then identify what they believe to be the best growth opportunity from each group.

Using Arbinger’s outward-mindset customer growth process, participants work together on each identified “Target Customer” and “Target Prospect” opportunity. They collaboratively build growth plans for each opportunity, including specific 30-day action plans.

The program is designed to be repeatable at whatever cadence an organization selects—quarterly, semi-annually, or anually.

Results and Outcomes

In conjunction with Arbinger’s Developing and Implementing and Outward Mindset workshop, this program enables organizations to:

  • Build a sales growth culture across the organization
  • Commit people to working to grow client opportunities and to collaborate on the client plans of other participants
  • Create actionable customer growth plans that are public and for which participants hold themselves accountable
  • Build a collaborative culture across the organization

What to Expect at an Arbinger Training

Who Should Attend

Any and all members of an organization who are involved in marketing, sales, or service/product delivery.


Participants utilize the Outward Mindset Customer Growth handbook and are provided with the templates, worksheets, and other materials necessary to complete all planning exercises.

Outward Mindset Customer Growth participant handbook


The customer growth process is delivered in person, either by an Arbinger facilitator or by an employee of your organization who has completed the train-the-trainer process. The process is highly collaborative. Participants will complete their work in a program workbook and also on charts that will be provided around the training space.

Prior to this program, participants should complete Arbinger’s foundational training, Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset.


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