Carolyn Morrow

Recruiting and Development Manager, GVEC

Dear World

Dr. Sito Narcisse

Superintendent of Schools of the East Baton Rouge Parish School System

Carey Jones

Former 47th Flying Training Wing Vice Commander, Fighter Pilot, Instructor

Michelle Loveday

Consultant at Jordan School District, Owner/Founder of Love-Day Educational Consulting and RISE Virtual Academy

Sydney Jackson

Horse Trainer, Sydney Jackson Performance Horses

Renee Wynn

Former CIO at NASA

Dr. Ulises Torres

Chief Quality Officer, George Washington University Hospital

La Fageda

Turn the World Outward Award Winner

Desmond Lomax

CMHC, CPM, Senior Consultant & DEI Director, Arbinger Institute

Howard Matalon, ESQ

Equity Partner, OlenderFeldman LLP

Chris Wallace

Senior Consultant, Arbinger Institute

Rob Purdie

Enterprise Agile Coach, Cisco

Danielle Sparandera

CIO Ways of Working, IBM

Joelle Helou

Managing Director, Arbinger Middle East

Sidney Bruce


Joe Carberry

CEO, Lympha Press

Drew Moneke

West Salem High School Teacher, Outward Leadership Course

Kasha Coombs

Mediator and Facilitator, Mountain West Investment Company

Amy Haworth

Executive Coaching, Innovative Talent Program Advisory

Nate Mitchell

Exective Co-Director, Anasazi Foundation

Danny Kim

Senior Consultant, Arbinger Institute

Charles Huth

Senior Consultant, Arbinger Institute