Senior Consultant

Richard Tatem is a retired U.S. Air Force colonel with 30 years of experience on both active duty and in the reserves as a leader, educator, facilitator, and aviator. Now a professional facilitator, coach, and educator, Richard specializes in helping individuals and organizations become better versions of themselves–because better people and better organizations perform better, both in and out of the work environment. His work focuses on helping employees improve their commitment to their core values.

During his last military assignment, Richard was the senior facilitator and developer for the Enhancing Human Capital Seminar at the Air Force Profession of Arms Center of Excellence. He taught and facilitated for many years in both the government and civilian arenas. Senior leaders routinely request Richard by name for their leadership development programs because audiences rate him as “one of the most memorable briefers I’ve ever had!” and say he “changed my perspective and probably my life!”

Richard has led and worked with diverse organizations at the operational and strategic levels. He has managed a resource portfolio worth $410 million and led projects ranging from standing up new organizations to implementing national, inter-agency level security strategies.

A highly experienced public speaker, Richard is a professional-level member of the National Speakers Association. With a wide-ranging and international education in the humanities, psychology, and neurobiology, Richard brings an insightful and culturally rich perspective to his audiences. He has lived and worked overseas in multiple countries and cultures, was a university assistant professor, speaks French fluently, and has even been an airline pilot. In his spare time, Richard likes to “stand in a river waving a stick” (fly fishing) and to deepen his appreciation for Francophone culture.