Director of International Sales

Kathrin is an internationally recognized thought leader on employee engagement, leadership development, and global citizenship.

As a former vice president for business development across several countries in North America and Europe for a US-based S&P 500 company, Kathrin has developed a deep expertise in talent acquisition, performance management, and culture integration. Her passion and enthusiasm for developing leaders’ and organizations’ mindset and change capabilities inspires her international coaching and talent strategy consulting work, focusing on creating purpose-driven employee experiences and enabling teams and leaders to reach top performance in their fields.

Kathrin is a long-standing student of Arbinger’s work on mindset, conflict resolution, and change. She is a passionate consultant, facilitator, and speaker on developing and implementing an outward mindset in organizations.

Outside of her professional endeavors, you might meet Kathrin at the finish line of your local marathon event, in the seat next to you during a Beethoven concert at the symphony, or in line boarding a plane to explore new places and cultures.