Don't settle for
conflict. Resolve it.

Learn how in the Anatomy of Peace 4th Edition

How do we invite change in others without pushing them away?

Conflict is hard. But when we help things go right rather than constantly correcting, change is possible.

The Anatomy of Peace 4th Edition will teach you new ways to see people you are in conflict with and help you transform the conflict.

The Anatomy of Peace 4th Edition is perfect for:

Managers & Leaders

Resolve conflict in your organization and on your teams

Individuals & Families

Achieve peace in relationships and within oneself

Professional Conflict Resolution

Learn new tools to help clients and patients resolve conflict

Diversity & Inclusion Professionals

Equip you team with tools to create real inclusion and belonging

“The most powerful tool I’ve seen for finding real, lasting peace—in families, organizations, communities, and nations.”

Pamela Richard, Past President, International Coach Federation

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