Arbinger at ATD 2021

Location, size, and circumstance will change from year to year, but one thing consistently sets ATD apart: the people.

By The Arbinger Institute | September 16, 2021

ATD International Conference and Exposition (ATD ICE) is the largest annual event where talent development professionals gather from around the world to learn the latest trends, share ideas, and discover new solutions in Leadership & Development.

While the industries and organizations of the attendees ran the gamut, the pain points of the attendees were often very similar: “How do we facilitate inclusive culture and practices?” “How can we increase the accountability of remote or hybrid teams?” “How do we get people on board with the company goals?”

We know how hard it can be to create and sustain a healthy culture for employees to thrive in, and in response to the concerns faced by leaders and organizations, our main sessions covered how to develop accountable people in an organization, overcoming barriers in female leadership, and inclusive leadership:

Don’t Hold People Accountable, Develop Accountable People focused on the power of mindset— how it drives self-accountable behaviors and how to meet high-performance standards using a self-accountability model that employees actually like.

Overcoming Barriers in Female Leadership explored obstacles that make it difficult for women to enter a leadership role with confidence that they will be as respected as any other leader. The session also provided tools for what success looks like as a woman in the workplace.

Inclusive Leadership acknowledged creating a safe and inclusive workplace where employees are encouraged to have difficult conversations that lead to progress and unity is no easy task. This session delved into how transformation happens individually and organizationally when we look at changing the mindset that is driving the behaviors and provided tools that will transform your conversations and your organization to be inclusive for everyone.

This year, thousands of people came together both in-person and virtually with the goal of helping create a world that works better. We had a fantastic time learning about the unique challenges faced by leaders and training developers around the world. We had the opportunity to advise leaders about connecting with their teams, transforming their organization's culture, and measuring their impact.

During the event, attendees had the opportunity to sign up for free access to our Outward Mindset Online Sample Course. As a thank you to our readers, we are currently offering another opportunity to access this sample course.
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