Our Approach

The Arbinger Process

Organizational change starts with individuals. In fact, an organization will only change when the people who make up the organization change. We facilitate individual mindset change in people at all levels of an organization and provide the implementation and follow-up support needed to coordinate and sustain these shifts across a team or entire enterprise.

Initial Assessment

Our work with you begins with an analysis of your current situation—as an individual, team, or organization. This assessment ranges from an informal discussion to a systematic deployment of our assessment tools.

Establish Metrics

Together, we identify key metrics to establish a baseline of performance from which to measure progress. We set specific target objectives to measure mindset shift, behavioral change, and business results.

Architect Plan

We assist you in selecting the elements of our five-step change process that will enable you to most effectively transform mindsets and behaviors to achieve your desired results.

Ensure Results

We support you in implementing your transformation plan and continue working with you until you meet your objectives. This includes periodically re-assessing and adjusting efforts where needed.

Learn More About the Process

Arbinger enables organizations and their people to turn outward through a five-step process: assess, train, implement, re-assess, and sustain. Individual, leader, and executive tracks build on one another to foster the growth of an outward mindset across an organization. A rollout of the Arbinger process for teams includes the individual and leader tracks, while a rollout for organizations includes the individual, leader, and executive tracks.

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